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Mountain Dream HermitMy card for today was the Hermit, how fitting, since I am not in a mood to be around people at all. Instead of being a social animal I do hermit-tasks, like laundry (washing my cape even) making beans and bacon (perfect food for an outing in a cave) and walk out in the snow to get some sunlight to cure my SAD (trying to find the light)

At least this Hermit is appropriately dressed for the Swedish winter. I would have knitted her some mittens though. Well, not me, but I could have given her one of the 8 pairs my mom knitted for me. I know how to knit but nothing fancy like thumbs.

In-between loads of laundry I am reading John Green’s young adult romance ‘The Fault in our Stars’ and quite like it. People have commented that teenagers don’t talk like they do in that book, but I say sure they do – teens can be utterly pretentious, at least I was. Reading my journal from when I was 17 I had pages and pages about life and death and religion and Literature. See, how Literature got a Capitol L but life didn’t? That’s me at 17… Someway along the way you would have thought I would have changed more.

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