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I picked out 2 decks for this week. First the Dodal TdM (Flornoy) and then the Pages of Shustah by Ann Manser that I will try and use all of this winter/spring. My Dodal draw was uneventful – The Papess (La Pances) I wrote a bit in my paperjournal but really, no grand insights.

Pages of ShustahMore interesting was the Pages of Shustah draw. I just pull 3 cards and see what happens. Often I don’t really ‘get’ anything until I let them lie out on the table a bit. The cards I picked were: Red Snake, Red Lord and Blue Road. Red cards are often Challenges. And the Snake is a clear warning, we humans often react instinctual when we see a snake curled like this. The Red Lord is (according to the book) telling us to let things unfold, to bend our will. The Blue cards are gentle and serene, but here we see a winding road and are asked if we really want to go back on our own tracks, or keep moving.

Look how both the Snake and the Road are winding backwards, back to the starting point. I can see how these cards are warning me (cause of the 2 RED cards) of going in circles. Perhaps I am too ‘bendy’ too willing to just let decisions be taken for me. There is an interesting phrase in the Book for the Red Lord:

‘To live in as close contact to ceiling of self as possible’

This challenge me to think of how close to the ‘ceiling’ of myself I live. Have I stretched myself to my limit? Or do I in fact got quite a bit to grow upward, spiritually…


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  1. Great reading with the Shustah cards – especially in connecting the coiled snake with the winding road.


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