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A stitch in time saves nine

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Dodal 9sThe card for today from Dodal TdM was 9 of swords. I am a total novice in reading with the Marseille deck. But I like the Dodal, thick and creamy and luxurious. Clear lines and colours and I think an excellent deck to pick out those tiny details. So looking at 9 of Swords, my first question is of course, is it the right way up? Should the middle sword point up or down? It ‘feels’ right with it pointing up wards. Then look at the tip of it, the tiny black lines coming from it, like thorns from a cactus, or like sparks from a fire?Perhaps it is those black iron filings my science teacher had to show magnetism. So the sword is either prickly, really hot or magnetic. It is also not fully lined up. The top of the sword is still straight but slightly moved to the right, like how a reflection is broken in a prism. It also looks like it is forcing open those yellow bands, like some weed breaking up through the  hard soil, with force (like heat or magnetism are forces)

Finally I decided to do a search for some cool verse about the number Nine and came up with the proverb in the title: A stitch in time saves nine. Short and sweet (and to the ‘point’) Anyone that ever had a seam open know how important it is to mend it right away or it will be a lot of work later.

So to sum it all up this could be a card about a mental breakthrough, an Aha moment, the light bulb going on, but I should take care to note through what ‘prism’ I learn things and try to keep it straight. If things are going the wrong direction I need to right them, mend them, in time to save myself a lot of trouble.

I’ll be back with my daily Pages of Shustah draw later today.

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