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Today I pulled Green Guard Dog, Cancer and Red Spying Page. My one sentence for this draw would be: Beware of emotional manipulation. The Green Dog is for protection and being safe, Cancer is my sun-sign and highly emotional and finally the Red Page stands for someone quite sneaky and manipulative. I can see myself as that Red Page, I sometimes let my emotions get the better of me and snap and lashes out in a passive-aggressive way. So the manipulation need not come from anyone else. It comes from a place where I am not feeling safe and loved.

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  1. Love your work with the Dodal this week. Part of the fun of tarot is we never know where the journey will take us so it’s exciting to find out what is next.

    • Thanks Sharyn, I think part of why I love love love the Dodal is that I got no preconceived notions about it at all, it is so hands on.I can’t read it numerology wise since I don’t know crap about numerology 😀


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