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The (almost) unbearable lightness of being

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Dodal 3 batonsDodal TdM (Flornoy) is such a treat of a deck. I even stopped dreading it every morning, the fear is gone. I no longer think I will struggle over coming up with anything, or drawing a blank. These cards are only blank as in carrying no preconceived notions of what the cards mean. 3 of Wands (or rather 3 Batons here) is not being read until I hold it in my hand and look at it. TdM is so hands on. You need to really Be There Now. That doesn’t mean I throw out of the window all my years learning the tarot, just that I open a window and let new light in.

The wands are straight and thick, powerful. The leaves are curling outwards but not all are fully ready, it invokes a feeling of spring and freshness. While they are all meeting at the center there is no pressure, they are orderly and neat but not yet rigid. The leaves and stems look open and inviting.

I am only wishing to have such a grand day filled with lightness and openness and freshness in all my interactions.

A Pages of Shustah reading will be up later today.


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  1. I’m enjoying your stroll with the Dodal as much as with the Shustah. Nice to see someone who’s not afraid to step out of the traditional Marseilles box a bit.


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