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Dodal 4 DeniersToday’s Dodal was yet another 4. This time 4 of Discs/Deniers/Coins whatever you pick. At first sight it looks like 5 Deniers. But that middle one is really a shield, not a disc. The whole thing makes me think of a family dinner, everyone seated in their place, the grand turkey on its platter in the middle. The table is richly decorated but it is all so rigid. No elbows on the table, no talking with food in your mouth. Sit still and be quite and eat your food. We do it as much for show as for nourishment. Its the expected thing, this family dinner.

However stiff and filled with underlying conflicts a family dinner can be, it is still essentially an act of love.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”
― Oscar WildeA Woman of No Importance

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  1. I continue to be amazed… 🙂

  2. Pick another Tdm…your vision of the pips are a true education. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Sharyn, perhaps I will pick the deck I bought first of all! A Fournier TdM. Haven’t really used it since the 80:ies lol.

  3. Your Dodal readings are inspiring!


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