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Visconti Kings

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday I pulled the King of Wands. He looks like a child-king but then they all do. All the courts look like they could be no more then 14 years old, round baby-faces, tiny mouths, hair the same short and curly blond. This kind is facing us with a slightly bored look in his face, his legs crossed at the ankles. He is wearing a rich tunic and mantle with gold trim, blue leggings with a garter on one leg, no shoes but green gloves. He has a crown and a staff with an elaborate carved top but also on his other side what looks like half a staff, like a smaller wand. The throne he is sitting on is gold and white and his feet firmly on the base, not touching the ground.

The King of Wands feels refined to a fault, so far removed from the Ace of Wands that it is almost something decadent over him, he is separated from his kingdom, more a figurehead then a ruler.

I am showing here all the kings cause I think it is interesting to see them all at once. See how the King of Swords is in full armour and almost on the way to leave his platform, no doubt to go off to war. See also how King of Cups is letting one foot touch the grass, aware of his surroundings.

The Visconti deck is not as giving as the TdM decks, it is so formalized, so held back, restrained. I am gonna struggle this week.


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