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Visconti 4 swordsWell, that is what I think these 4 swords look like. Fancy BBQ skewers, or maybe cocktail swords!  They look more like cutlery then weapons for sure.

Here are a few notes from the post-it note I wrote next to this card this morning: (2 Double swords, skewers/cocktail swords/cutlery/gold dipped toothpicks.) 4 swords, winds, corners, directions, elements, seasons etc. 4 for Emperor – stability, un-moving, heavy handed. Oppressive silences, stalemate. But also X marks the spot! Hidden by that darned ribbon.

The ribbon reads something like a Right Justice/Just Right. What a laugh. I bet the Visconti family told themselves that. Now it all looks like a cover-up. A banderoll/bandage to patch up a whole lot of the usual debauchery.

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