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Visconti page of swordsToday I pulled the Page of Swords or Knave as it is called in this deck. Of all the knaves this is the only one that looks like he is older then 11, but barely. But then the Kings don’t look too mature either. Of course reading a bit on the courts back in the day people out and about were on the young side. Europe was more or less ruled by a bunch of prepubescent spoiled kids (supervised I assume by some gray men in the shadows)

Notes from the post-it: What a hat! Feather – air- thoughts – swords. This is one cocky young man, hand on hip, little smirk on his face, ready to take a step towards the viewer. Look at the ground, it is crumbling away. Pay attention.

I think that is my cue for today, pay attention. At least when going out to the store. We have an unseasonally warm February in the north of Sweden. Drip drip, snow melting into slush that freeze to ice during night only to be slush again in the morning. I have to very literally pay attention to every single step. I also need to pay attention to a few things going on around me to do with family. It feels like a lot of things are about to crack open and spill some ugly stuff.

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  1. Hope you have a good pair of galoshes (both literal and metaphorical) to deal with both the snow slush and the family slush. Gentle hug…


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