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We live our life behind our eyes

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OriginsYesterday the mailman knocked on my door and brought me a deck I wished for a very long time. Tarot of the Origins. Long time out of print, impossible to get but then I got lucky! I even found the perfect box for it. This box used to house my Pixie’s Lenormand but I don’t really ‘do’ Lenormands so that one went back to the shelf in it’s little tuckbox. I also found 2 perfect stones to house with the deck. One is a fossil and one is a stone I got from another friend in New York who picked it off the beach near the city.

As usual I managed to fill a note with tiny scribbles while looking at the card and thinking of the word Hermit. It comes from the greek word Eremites (or close enough in spelling) that means solitary. But the word also comes from Eremos meaning desert. So desert-dweller, deserted, solitary. Those words have such different values though, we rather be solitary then deserted. We innately strive to be a part of something then apart.

In the image we see a man looking out from behind the eye socket of a giant skull and that made me think of how we spend our lives looking out of our eyes/I’s and how that set us apart, creates a distance. Ice in the desert. I’s or eyes. How we react to the world, what we see is coloured from our lookout place, in the desert, behind our I’s/eyes/ice.


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  1. What an awesome Hermit (I like the stones too). Interesting that the skull seems to be missing a jaw…

  2. Well done, totally!
    I’ve only used this deck on my blog, it seems to deep for me to dare to do a real reading with it.

  3. I forgot to say, there were ornamental hermits for a time also…

    • lol, I wish some Lord of the Manor would get me an Eremitage! Thanks for the link, awesome!
      I don’t think I could read with this one in a larger spread either, it seems like a perfect daily card deck 😀


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