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originsxxToday’s card is XX The Prey (Judgement) This was one of the card that stood out when I first looked through the deck. It is such a striking card with the massive hunter in wait for his prey, the deer. He got his spear ready and aimed while he is hidden. It’s all about focusing, the eye on the prize. If your mind starts to wander you will go hungry as will your tribe. Failing means starving.  The XX also strikes me as being the X The Wheel times two. For a hunter it is as much skill and focus as luck really. It’s all a game/prey/pray of chance. But he is smiling isn’t he? I got a feeling he will get his deer.

Last night I had some wild dreams of closed down apartment stores, circus people, fish-burgers, rollercoaster rides and struggling to keep a rowdy gang fed and happy. Woke up quite happy to just have myself to take care of for now.

Today my thoughts are with a friend in surgery. Sending lots of warm thoughts and hurray-you-will-do-great prayers.

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