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Origins - DeathYes, it’s Death. So many tarot decks try to make it prettier, softer, 100% gentle even. But really, Death is sometimes just that. Or as my dad would say: ‘A cure for head-ache’

And this one then, what a way to go! We are all gonna die. I imagine death came not as silent and on such soft feet back in the day. It was bloodier, louder, galloping through the wilderness and ending with snapped bones. But at least this man had a full life, he is a grown man. The way he is pierced looks like a sacrifice.

I think of death some times. Not that I am suicidal, or that old or even sick. Just that the mind gently touches the subject before dancing off again. It’s there, like a hot flame that you know with certainty will one day swallow you.

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  1. “A cure for headache,” lol – that’s golden. 🙂 I think it’s impossible not to think of death as one ages, as parents and friends pass on. I don’t fear death as much as I do the dying process.

    • yeah dad is almost 73 and while strong also got that smokers chest disease. He got such an unsentimental view on life and death though.
      I think I fear most getting really really old and being sick and not able to take care of myself. We don’t live that long in my (biological) family though. I predict stroke (moms side) and cancer (biological fathers side) of the more aggressive kind. I am so fatalistic today. All this death thinking, time for some lemon tea and a kitty cuddle.

  2. very true. not bad not good just…is. fact of life, no use getting upset by it.
    i quite like this card. actually, if this deck wasn’t so htf reading back over your posts on it might be enabling, ha…


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