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OriginsI am out of sorts today, feel utterly drained and depressed and just want to crawl out of this skin I am in. Oddly enough it is such a glorious day today, sunny and mild so as soon as I post this I will take my sad little self out for a bit.

Today’s card is 7 of Nature. A man in awe of one of natures wonders. How did that get up there? Must have been the gods, right? Only if the gods are heat, pressure, earth moving and shifting, time and a strong wind eating away the softer materials for millennia. Only the hard spire remains. Time erodes us all.

I am off to recharge in some sunshine now.

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  1. Hi. I receive your posts by email. Never commented. I’ve learned a lot, thanks 🙂 I can’t find this tarot card anywhere. Can you please tell me the name of this tarot deck?

  2. TAROT OF THE ORIGINS? Can’t find it in amazon 😦

    • Yes, it has been out of print for many years. But sometimes I see it on e-bay but it cost a LOT then.

      • Yes… I’ve already found some… really expensive 😦 I believe I have a got taste in tarot decks 😉

  3. (((Jema))) sending good mojo your way xxxx

    p.s. i love Origins, have a mini version, pity it’s OOP…


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