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Fournier Tarot de Marseille and Rory’s Story Cubes

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Fournier TdMWeekend is here and I take out another deck, one that I haven’t used in many many years. The Fournier TdM was actually my very first tarot deck that I bought back in the late 1980:ies. I found it in a bookshop in Uppsala, but failed to find any tarot books so thought I might have to write one myself, so I got a pencil and a blank notebook, promptly named all the pages, 2 pages for each card and set about learning the tarot!

It does come with a strange little white booklet (LWB) that among other things names the physical areas that the cards could indicate, I discarded that information and just looked at the cards, did readings for friends and just chatted to and about them for a few years.

I also bought a few more decks, one RWS and a Herbal tarot and later a Hanson-Roberts. But all these years I kept the Fournier. So that is a bit of background. I will also be using the story cubes I told about earlier.

TdM FoolToday’s card is The Fool/Le Mat. Instead of going back to any books or old info stored in my head I simply decided to step into the card. Be The Fool. So I went for a walk, it’s a wonderful sunny but cold day. Just walk, what do I see, hear, feel, smell? (I can’t say I tasted much)

I saw the sky, paly blue with just a hint of white clouds near the horizon. I saw the sun low, just coming up. I saw white snow, soft like whipped cream flooding the ground, tracks – white on white, footsteps – white on white. I saw people smiling at me when I passed them, I saw neighbours and friends and stopped to chat a little. I saw dogs and I saw Charlie shadowing me for a bit of the way. I could smell the snow! And a motor running, someone passing me with a cigarett, a teenager with a bubblegum, someones woodburning fire. I could feel the nipping (not of a dog) but of the cold in my face and the warmth of the sun when I faced it. I could hear the constant tingling (not of bells) but of my own thoughts, that inner never-ending monologue. So I stop! Clear my mind, breath a bit and take the quite in.

The story cubes gave me lock/kåta (tipi) But I thought kåta cause doesn’t that Fool look like he is wearing sami colours? A kåta is a tipi but for sami people. The principle is the same, you wrap hides or canvas around a structure of long thin sticks, leaving a hole for the smoke in the top. The idea to put a lock on a dwelling like that is Foolish. It also made me think of this image I saw on Facebook the other day. It was a sign out on the lawn outside a house. The sign saying ‘This is a gunfree house’ and all the comment on how stupid that was, like it was an open invitation to burglars. When I piped up that it is extremly rare for anyone where I live to own a gun unless they are a hunter I got called stupid. I have to wonder who the Fool is though.


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  1. Enjoyed your stroll with the Fool. 🙂 There is a small town in my state currently trying to pass a mandate that requires all of its residents to own a gun. That must be the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. I can just see the emergency room at the hospital filled with people who accidentally shot themselves or someone else…


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