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Tricking and fixing

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALe Bateleur came up today (one might think I didn’t mix the deck properly but I did) That name in french always made me think of a sportsman, a batter for a team. He strikes for the goal. What he does is keep a keen eye on you and me while talking a lot and causing distractions so he can slip and slide those tools of his and make them appear in unexpected places. It’s all a trick, a play with time and movement and direction and focus.

The cubes gave me Turtle and Time. That is a trick too. The turtle only appears to be slow but in its lifetime it will achieve just about the same things any other animal and human.

Today I feel the weight of Time and wonder what it is I should have done to fulfill my purpose. We are born, live a little here and then we are gone, let’s just make the most of our days.

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  1. So how are you enjoying the cubes so far?

  2. The turtle and time…such a contradiction, yet such a reality. Very interesting…


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