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Fournier 7 coinsThe 7 of Coins from the Fournier TdM has a stable base with 4 coins in each corner, a plant with a root that is strong and with red and blue leaves separating and showing off 3 middle coins. The leaves show their undersides with the nerves and it looks like they are gently caressing the coins and perhaps even kissing each other. One of the coins are not yet mature (the left right one in the triangle is missing the little edges in the middle) so while it looks like the base is providing a robust harvest, it is not yet finished, we counted the chickens but they haven’t hatched fully yet.

I like that the stability in the corners are there. It makes me think about what I do with my ‘base-skills’ do I let them go to waste, or do I keep them alive and up to date? Is the soil of my craft fertile? Even if I am idle now and looking for work I must not feel dejected and worthless, the base is there.

The cubes I love. I throw these dice a lot and make up stories for myself. Todays throw is just 2 again (I usually throw a fistful and then pick 2 or 3 that stand out and connect) Portal and World. It makes me think of this book I am reading right now ‘Ghostwritten’ by David Mitchell. First parts of it takes place in Japan and China and this portal looks like it is from around there. I love how the author, who spent a lot of time in Asia, manage to give me a portal into a world I never been to. Books can really transport you to all times and places.

Rory's cubes

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  1. Good eye on catching the “not-quite-ripe” coin! You do really well with these type of cards.
    I’m glad to know you’re enjoying the cubes (I think those who love to read, write and tell stories couldn’t help but like them).


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