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Fournier king cupsIt’s not really a barnacle, but this cup made me think of one. The tight rim, hard shell and something red and alive inside it… This whole card is a little garish with the reds and the yellows shouting. And the king got both a swashbuckler hat a la the Magician and a crown plunked on top of it. It now looks like he got huge dumbo-ears, oh and look, his real ear is covered with some flap. He looks away from the cup, and he seems uncomfortable with the whole situation, a bit like a mans man forced to hold his wife’s handbag for her.

Well, just a few fast impressions. I am feeling rather uncomfortable myself today, that constant internal monologue (the tingling bells of the fool) is never shutting up and I am restless and tired at once. A bit too emotional. I need to cool down and shut off a while.

Pill RainbowToday’s cubes would provide a solution if I were into that kind of thing. But I am not. I am trying to wean myself off the sleeping pills this week so I got enough on my plate. The Happy Rainbow Pill just gotta remind me that there are several ways of reaching bliss, little tablets are not mine.

I am sitting here thinking about what decks I personally would put on a top 10 list. The lists over at AT caused a riot 😀 I think it is funny how a subbaculture deck ran in and grabbed first place. Surprising but rather neat too.

The top 10 all time list is just a yawn though. Imagine in 100 years we take out those 10 decks to show what we valued the most in the Tarot world. *giggles*

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  1. My guess is he is constipated…

  2. yeah, i find the yearly lists interesting but i’ve never taken the all time seriously because…people seem to see that as ‘my favorite deck’ which to me is quite different than ‘best/most important decks of all time’ …


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