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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI been down with a cold, well I still am, so updates have been lacking. It’s nothing terribly bad, more annoying and distracting really. This weeks deck is the Robledo TdM that I got from Paulo Robledo via the AT forums. It is the third edition, very limited. The price of the deck wasn’t so bad, half the cost was postage across the globe from Argentina with a stop over in the US. The deck is lovely. Cream coloured background, clear lines, perfect colours. Card stock is a dream. It could do with a tiny rounded corner and I might get to that later, but for now I just shuffle it with care. I even did a reading with it in the TdM reading exchange at ATforums!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday I pulled 2 cards for my weekend and got Wheel of Fortune and Ace of Swords (yeah I never know if I should use the french names or the english ones so I am not consistent at all) The shadow on the top part of the photo is my fault, I should have opened the window blinds fully before taking the photo, oh well, it does add some Drama, right?

Just a few thoughts on these cards (I am sneezing too much to focus on a full on reading) But does not that Wheel looks terribly unstable. I never noticed it being in the water, floating like a raft like that. Also the water is a bit wavy. These monkeys are really out of their depths. Still, I am confident that my Wheel is turning the right direction. I have been down in the dumps some time but despite a cold, I feel my spirit is returning. I am not top monkey, but the one on the right side, climbing.

Oh what a big and red sword! Positively flaring with energy and sparks flying off it. It is igniting! I jotted down just a few words for this card ‘King-maker’ and ‘kvinna för sin hatt’ (to be woman for her hat) i.e to man up and accept the challenge. I think the King-maker was cause it made me think of King Arthur and the Excalibur. His wheel turned also, all the way around. Not that I feel very Arthurian but all those old stories were made to teach us our lessons, right? And today that story is speaking to me of accepting challenges and making my Wheel turn.

Now, time for more sneezing and some tea while I think of my game-plan. I am writing my to-do-list today 😀



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  1. I love how your mind works and the stories and thoughts that come out of it when you read the cards!

    • Thanks, strangely enough the TdM works better for me then many others, cause they force me to ‘disconnect’ the learned response (to just read the name of the cards and pick the folder out of the RWS section in my brain)


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