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etteilla13Pulled 3 cards from the Book of Thoth Etteilla and got these. Lots of cups and love even if one is reversed. Parents is the title for the reversed 5 of cups. The LWB gives ‘celebrating family’ as keywords. Lucky in love is the keywords for the 9 of Cups. I see it as simply a card of emotional success. The last card is the Marriage card and stands for contract, promise to be kept and an important decision.

In my little head they all relate to Hearth and Home. Of building deep and honest relationships. Also of respecting your own body and home, take care of it. Let the wind blow through my rooms, make myself and my home nice to be in.


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  1. What a beautiful reading, Jema! And you deserve every bit of it! Oh, not to forget that fives are related to the Pope, so the 5 Cups RX could mean a paradigmal “priestal dis-approval” of love outside the marriage (and the Pope can manifest as any traditionalist attitude/ view in the society 😉 SO… i pre-sense certain pressure from significant-his parents – or your family and friends, to take the relationship to the next level… Mind you, these go as far as 2y into the future, so i might be picking up something that’s yet to happen! Best of luck sweetie! xxxx


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