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From my lips to your ear

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elementalhermesToday’s card is clearly one of communication. It is 6 of air and we have stepped off that damn boat now Ladies and Gentlemen. Or have we? Perhaps earth itself is the vehicle here. With his ass firmly planted someplace really cold a yellow man is embracing the open air. The Earth is sprouting swords but also pens! Quills pointing down and just below the floating sphere are what I first thought was some hieroglyphs but look close, it is a mouth connected to an ear.

So today I should try and stay aware on just how I communicate, is my voice like a persistent nagging mosquito, or do I perpetuate gossip? Do I speak clearly my mind, from my lips to your ear, or do I fall into that trap of thinking that you should bloody well read my mind (I do that at times)

I am in a reading cycle again. Right now reading ‘The left hand of darkness’ by Ursula K LeGuin and it is so good. I am also dreaming a lot and woke up from a most vivid dream feeling all numb and shivering cold then within a minute I was hot and sweaty. I remember reading that while in REM sleep your body has a hard time regulating your temperature and that was so true. As soon as I woke up some more I was back to normal. This is also why it is not good to have too hot (or too cold) in your bedroom, your body will then never enter proper REM sleep and we need that REM. Gimme some R-E-M!!

Closing with a rather dark but cosy photo of my bedroom, I just love the drapes.


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  1. Maybe the Earth is shouting, “Hey, it’s Earth Day! Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee already.” 🙂
    Your bedroom shot makes me want to go have an afternoon nap…


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