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I decided to take 1 month off from the distraction that Facebook is. Most of it due to receiving a message from my biological father there that he was not interested in any kind of relationship with me on Facebook, he also already blocked me from his phone and his e-mail. I guess he wants me to travel the 850 or so kilometers to him? He never said. I got hurt and upset. I was already very depressed and for some reason this propelled my right out on the other side. I am all calm now, nothing can touch me.

secretThe cards I used this week was the mottled in brown and green Secret Forest. I used it before and like the murky colours and the figures that you more guess at then make out clearly. It’s a mood-tarot. Just throw away the LWB and all meanings and step into the forest and hang out a while.

This time I only pulled a card when I felt for it and then left it out all week. By the end of the week (today) I still only got 3 cards but only took photos of these two due to poor lighting.

For the first I see a figure by a tough tree, digging into the mountain. It made me think of roots, and what holds me into place. The figure looks like she is ready for battle with spear and shield, or is this the moment just after the fight? The contemplation over just what she won or lost?

The second card is Temperance pouring and mixing and fixing and mending dividing and being way to preoccupied with getting it just right, making sure it is fair. It never ends though – the water in those cups, it is really overflowing just she cannot be SURE it is. She might run out…


I got a package with books today and that makes me feel like this weekend will be a GREAT one.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had and read a few of the Proust earlier but this is the year I will finish them all πŸ˜€


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  1. Say, have you ever heard of Proust? πŸ™‚ What a great pile o’books.
    Facebook is a bottomless pit, you are much better off going out to play.
    I hope your dad’s (Y) hair turns to fish hooks.

  2. Having been a “disposable daughter” from my biological father’s point of view, I understand your feelings. But let me assure you my friend, you are not disposable – you are loved and cared for by many. And a month off of Facebook combined with your treasures received in the mail sounds like a perfect antidote!

  3. Hi Jema! Just wanted to say I was drooling over your books that arrived… how is the Proust read going? The Secret Forest is one of my all-time favourite decks, and it’s lovely to see what others make of it. You’re right, it is so emotional, so wonderful to just dive into…


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