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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUsually when I get a new deck I will sit down and look through all cards and pull out those that immediately attracts me or repulses me. With the Oracle of Initiation I really like most cards but 3 or 4 jumped out at me and grabbed my attention (in a good way) and this was one of them. It is number 53 – Applying. It’s just such a happy card and I want to be that woman.

On Facebook people post these sentimental quotes on top of images of sunsets or kitten and usually I find them stupid. But last night someone posted one I really liked (posted down below) The world I lived in for some time now has been a bitter one and it has made me a bitter and angry person, filled with resentment and being all butt-hurt over perceived wrongs.

Lakshmi is the Goddess for this card. This is a bit from the texts in the book:

‘When Lakshmi appears in your cards, look for the dazzling enchantments that draw you to applying your greatest joys as an offering to the collective.’

So this weekend I am thinking of how and where I find my joy and how I could express it more, share joy instead of anger and resentment. Time to step away from hurt doesn’t mean to forgive, I don’t think I have it in me, but I can side-step away from the situation and simply chose not to have that person and those expectations in my life any more.



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  1. I have been estranged from a family member for about 8 years. I had to see him last week for the first time in 11 years. We spoke, we chatted, we hugged, and I realized that he was still not going to be part of my life. It wasn’t good or bad, I felt no anger or animosity, it was just the way it was. I forgave him years ago, but sometimes people are too mean or disrespectful and they go out to the periphery of your life where they can no longer do you harm.

    Side-stepping is a way we can detach and see things clearly. It helps us heal. I often see books and articles on forgiveness, and I think forgiveness comes eventually, but it doesn’t mean you have to open yourself to repeated nonsense from other people, whether they are family or not. Sometimes people go too far, so you release them and carry on with joy, as you say.

  2. I love this post, this card and the quote you shared – they speak volumes to me. I’ve often heard that the best revenge is to live a happy, joy-filled life, and I have to agree.

  3. Hope you can find the clarity to let go and find your own joy 🙂

  4. It takes time and patience but when I live with joy and avoid negativity my life is so much more fulfilling! If only the rest of the world would realize this.

  5. Love that quote, and the card looks so joyful!

    I like your mission to look at the joy in your life, where it comes from, and how to express it more. It makes me want to do this too 🙂


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