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It’s been a while. First of all I took a tarot-vacation and just devoted the summer to reading novels instead. But now when autumn is here and I did take out my tarot decks again I just felt a bit off when trying to write about them. Most of my tarot reading is done in stream-of-consciousness style, in swedish, so to then take that very fragile writing and try to twist it into english seems just silly. At least for now, perhaps I will change my mind later.

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Dreamer, tarot reader and hobo librarian

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  1. Hi Jema,

    I definitely take breaks from tarot too, and sometimes between posting on various groups online, keeping a blog, and writing in a notebook (and taking photos for the blog) it seems like such hard work. So I think I know what you’re feeling 🙂

    That said, I do love reading your blog, and perhaps it’s a bit selfish of me, but I hope you do come back to it this autumn / winter.

    All the best!!

  2. I was JUST commenting on another blog about how we go through cycles, whether with blogging, reading books, tarot, etc. Kind of like hobbies that come and go. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break. I hope inspiration finds you! Have a happy fall 🙂


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