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Prepping the Read-a-Thon

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brary booksI went out in the windy October weather to go to the library. Originally intended to only return books but came home with a new stack – which is perfect! Read-a-Thon tomorrow and I am all set. Both these books here + Arthur. C. Clark on the cell-phone (for when I take walks) lots of stuff on BBC radio. Comics on the computer. A mega thick collection of Weird fiction (short story love) by VanderMeer, my kindle is packed with half-finished books.

Dinner is prepared, Snacks will be bought during my walk tomorrow, it is after all good to take breaks and rest my eyes and my brain and see actual people. But I did make some peanutbutter cookies and some Violet Macaroons. My brother will come over and just make sure I am still sane.

CharlieCharlie is for loving company 😀

I even took the suggestion to make a rough time-table for food and breaks! Last year I strained my eye too much and had to finish early. Yes, I said eye… I only have one good eye to read with (half blind on both but for different distances + I lack depth vision) This year I got a new comfy office chair and a lot of audio books and internet radio I can listen to while closing my eyes.

I am most looking forward to interacting with others as well as reading. I didn’t do that last time. Hey I might even win something!

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  1. Books are the best!! I love the library and used to come home with more than I could carry. Haven’t done that for awhile. I decided today (after a meditation and a tarot card draw) to begin seriously reading again. Not from the library but from my own shelves. Filled with so many wonderful glorious books still to be read or re-read.

    Love Charlie …

    Enjoy the Read-a-Thon. Be sure to update how the day went.


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