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Can’t bear it

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breakfast in Prague

Breakfast (already ate the ciabatta with soft cheese) The tarot spread I use is knitted by mom, the tarot bag I made myself by hand since I don’t own a sewing machine. I can see it needs an ironing though. I picked the title for this post cause I lack imagination today and sometimes a pun is the closest to hand.

Prague 8 SwordsOn the card is a women, blindfolded, encircled, frozen, immobile. Just by her feet a bear also in chains discovered that the ball that tied him was actually an apple (how clever is not that!!) But she can’t see that now, can she? Or perhaps she just doesn’t care anymore. Being the victim has it’s benefits too (or so many of us wouldn’t place ourselves there so often)

This card today has given me a lot to think about, and it ain’t so pretty. Like why am I still living here on benefits, why am I still single, why do I not get the help I need to fix my life, at least patch it up a bit more.

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  1. This card is following me around for a long time. It keeps popping up. Although it’s not a very positive card, it does keep the mind busy and sets change in motion šŸ™‚


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