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Gareth KnightThis one had been on the whislist a long time when a friend from a forum messaged me that she migth have one extra 😀 So this will be the deck of the week. Also reading about the Rory’s storycubes again I think I will pull those out again too, starting tomorrow.

Gareth Knight is a chunky and charming deck, like a simpler Thoth made in the 70:ies. At least that is the vibe of it. The minors are all pip-like but still rather expressive in an abstract way, the courts are very nice though. The LWB is quite thourough with the majors and just gives the GD titles for the minors.

This deck has been OOP for some time and I am really happy to have it in my hand. Right now I don’t really got a ‘pipe-dream’ deck. (Well, maybe a vintage edition of the Thompson-Leng or a Frown Strong)


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  1. I’d love to know what you think of the deck I just launched on Kickstarter, called “The Tarot of Creativity.” It is a heady mix of numerology, Tarot keywords, and upside-down thinking. It is a tarot about the creative process.

    Aliyah Marr


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