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The Lovers

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The Lovers

Being a grumpy old spinster I never felt a real affinity to The Lovers and I don’t really see it as a card of ‘Choices’. The Tarot is filled with cards about choices, you mean to tell me there are only 1 card about romance and it is not The Lovers? I don’t think so…
However Love can be a lot. As for choices, sometimes we make choices between who to love, how to love, how many to love, how long to love something and how hard.
I feel like I am standing outside of this card, like I am not letting it in. Sometimes I wish I had the butterflies, the passion, the connection, but I guess I made the choice to NOT be a Lover.

TdM lovers

Some of my favorite Lovers cards are from the Mary-El and the Gill tarot
fave lovers

The Gill is rather traditional but the Mary-El is just shimmering! It is red and warm with passion, the background being a labia, almost obscene for the prude. Both cards picture what I feel is the important thing in the card, Love of the heart in all ways, fleshy as well as spiritual and regulated.
While I some days can miss one kind of love, I am just not the person for the other kind…

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  1. Being a jumpy old married person and former librarian, I can say similar things about The Lovers. I think one time I worked out using Mary Greer’s system that my personal card was The Lovers. After gagging for a moment I moved on from Mary’s book as I am definitely the Queen of Swords.

    You can be a lover to a wider circle than two just as well I expect, or perhaps a lover of Self.

    I LOVE the Gill. One guy I used to talk to referred to it as the deck “with Sesame Street numbers”, but I like this graphical approach. I tend to like Illustrative decks.

    I am glad to see you back on the blog Jema, hope you are feeling better about life in general.

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