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I am going back to work with a new deck each week for the next year. I missed doing it and I miss ed connecting with the people I did it with over at AT forum.

Anyday now the kickstarter package will come with Tarot fundamentals books + 4 new decks. But until then I picked out a neglected deck I bought on a whim earlier this year.

Chrysalis tarot. It is colourful and pretty, like illustrations to a book of fairytales. It is also very much out of my style. A bit too sweet and cute. Some cards I really love, others feel silly. The LWB is quite ridiculus to be perfectly honest.


This was my card for today. The pilgrim is sure loaded with goods. For a while I even thought she carried the llama on her back. She makes me think of those old time traders, moving from town to town selling fabric, shoes, seeds or whatever else was in need. The scrolls are swords in this deck so perhaps what she is really trying to trade is information, she brings news from one town to the next. As miles and time adds up so the stories will transform like the butterfly. She does have a sturdy staff to lean on and a lantern to light her way when she needs it though.

Oh while I am here I want to mentioned this book I just read called ‘Some kind of fairytale’ by Graham Joyce. It is contemporary fantasy but more then that it is a novel about family, memory and what time does to us. Read it!

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