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Bear with me

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The spirals are my favorite suit in this deck (using the Chrysalis tarot this week, look for the link in yesterdays post)

During my more pagan years I went looking for my ‘totem’ animals and the bear is one of them. Now if I were to meet a big bear out in the woods I know that I will have to either play dead and still be a little chewed on, or hope there is a car or a house nearby. Bears are fierce protectors. This one here has the keyword Assertion as in ‘standing my ground’

For me the idea of personal space is vital to my well-being. I don’t like others being too close, my home is my castle and all that. Yet I often invite guests over. But I am also happy when they leave. ¬†Perhaps sometimes my assertion of personal space is really holding me back. Could it be that this bear needs to open the door a little more as to not be all alone when winter comes.

Winter is here by the way. Plenty of snow outside and the days are dark now.

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