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Herons are cautious, they will rather flee then fight but if needed their sharp beak can do a lot of damage. As a bird they symbolises swords and air and just look at that sharp pointed beak. To the point. Exact.


The deck is the Hidden Realms by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore. (the image I found online since my camera is dead)

This deck is very beautiful and emotional. At first glance it is just a bunch of portraits and pretty people, but they all convey emotions and carry a lot of meaning, at least for me. The Aces are the prettiest, they are all animals.

This week has been rough for me. I did go see a doctor on monday and I did get a diagnosis (BPD type 2) and will start the tests and check up for new meds soon, most likely after the holidays. After beeing like a zombie for months I am actually on the turning point now. Things look brigther, I got more energy which is nice for the x-mas. Sucks to be down and out for such a merry holiday.

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  1. Herons have such a diamond-sharp, still focus, yet they can move swift and sure when it’s time to strike!
    I put off getting this deck because I didn’t think I’d be able to read with it; it was a surprise and joy to learn I could if I used a different method (reading expressions and body language).
    Glad you’re on the upswing for the holidays. Riding the mental health roller-coaster can be exhausting because there seems to be no end to the ride. Hope you get things sorted out soon with the doctor.


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