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Putting the lid on it

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This mornings card was Queen of Cups and even if I don’t do reversals for now I just new she showed me her shadow face today. My first thought when looking at her were ‘How am I supported emotionally’ and that question in itself is a problem, cause I know I need to do that for myself first. So it should be ‘How am I supporting my own emotions’?

The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You don’t blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the President. You realize that you control your own destiny.
Albert Ellis

This queen is sitting on her throne of waves with waterfalls behind her. She holds the white rose of purity in one hand and in the other a cup with the lid on. All that water/emotions around her yet she closed her cup. Is she afraid to let things in or out from there? The moon crescent on her head tells me she is a dreamer and she while she is fully immersed emotionally she is not connected to the world around her in any other sense. She sure makes me ponder things here. How I cut myself off from life in so many ways and how I too can close off and put a lid on. She feels unbalanced, perhaps even hormonal, like me, on the verge of going through changes but only just. Not quite there yet.


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JusticeThe Majors in the Navigators Tarot is jumbled, filled with symbolism and some of them very obscure, making sense perhaps only to Julia Turk who painted them. Also the order and associations are changed, the names also changed in some cases. This card for example would be Justice in other decks but is here called Destiny. The keywords for it is: equilibration, volitation, innocence, integrity, discernment and acceptance.

The good thing with all this is of course that it is my deck, my blog and my rules. I simply pick the symbols that stand out to me at this moment in life and run with it. Suck it up!

Looking at the card I am drawn to the sword that the harlequine figure is balancing on. The hilt of the sword is stood upon a heart and it tells me that compassion is important. We have to start from a point of acceptance in our quest for justice. What Justice or Destiny really is about is the quest for equlibrium, balance. A circle of integration/disintegration in order to move higher up on the path of the Tree of Life. The tip of this sword is where equilibrium lies. And above it opens up the next path…

Julia Turk writes in her book that ‘you have the capacity to do and think exactly as you choose. By forgiving others, you can forgive yourself, and from that moment you will be free from any form of guilt’ It is clear that in order to move up the tree we need to find the equilibrium within ourselves first. For me today this means that while it might feel good to let my frustrations bounce off someone else, emptying myself of pent up guilt and feelings of being entitled to more then I got in this life. In order to move on I simply need to let go and forgive and be forgiven by myself. I can no longer dwell on injustices that happened 30 years ago. It is time to let go and open my heart and offer that hilt of the sword to better uses then cutting all around me like a wounded child.

Next time I look at this card I might choose to look deeper into the owl with the blue-print, the pair of oxen, the wise men, the elephants or the blocked off entrance to the underworld… Who knows.


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“Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.” 
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I did draw a card yesterday too but did not feel up to blog about it. It was the King of Pentacles and today I move from Fire of Earth and volcanoes to Air of Air and hurricanes. The Knight of Swords has as keyword ‘penetration’ and is associated with Aquarius. The knight rides straight into the eye of the storm, below him the Great Sea.

For me this is a person who loves an argument and who can be quite cutting and sarcastic. He does not yield. The dropping of the armour is to me more like a ruse, a scattering of his trail. He is reaching for the sword but not yet grasping it though. The albatross reminds us of the poem by Coleridge quoted above where a sailors thoughtless act of killing the good luck bringer turned it into a curse. What is my cross to bear? What are my thoughtless acts? How do I control my temper and my tongue? I have a hard time keeping my focus recently and feel as scattered about as that golden armour of the knight. I need to try and find the calm eye of the storm.

Bird dreams

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CohesionFirst the dream: I was applying excellerator and heat in the right time and proportion to get something to congeal and then smash it up to preserv peace.

Scissors and needles infused with Will and ointment to pinprick a bird with many coloured feathers. Take a feather and somehow use it to heal but also to harm. It was my destiny to do this and I simply could not fail but I still had to focus hard and excert a great deal of energy. Hidden drawers and wall-panels that kept bloodstained notes and tools.

Adjusting glasses to see the right way. They were broken and I mended them with a very hot flame.

Now the card: 3 of Wands. A man is applying heat to a large egg. Outside the room is the great sea. Julia Turk writes that this is the hatching of the Cosmic Egg beside the silent gate. The large arcade is opening up to the great sea which is Binah. The red stripe on the floor is symbolic of the renewal of the mind. Applied heat in silence will bring creativity and cohesion.

It all sounds so vague here but in my dream it was all crystal clear and I carry with me that feeling in my heart today.

Procrastinators doom

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VelocityTodays card 8 of Wands with the title ‘Velocity’ tells me to get off my chair and just DO IT! I know what is it, I just dread to take that leap but this is the time. Pushing this ahead of me will just make the whole situation worse and in the end it will not even be my own choice but the issue will be forced on me. This is my chance to take the bull by the horns and face my anxiety and solve a bad situation.

This card is kinda interesting, a man is leaping forward and beside him runs a dog that reminds me of the dog that follows the Fool, egging him onwards. On his leg is a piece of armour that looks a bit like an eaten apple! I am not sure what that symbolizes but it could be that he already has the knowledge needed for his actions. There are tiny arrows coming from his ankles again a reminder that speed and a clear goal is important.

For me I know exactly what is needed and yeah I am doing it 😀

Making an effort

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10 wands

I pulled two cards today from the Shadowscapes just to see how my week with this deck would turn out. What I got was 10 of Wands and 6 of Pentacles. Those cards together reminded me of this saying  ‘The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.’ At first when I got this set in the mail I was amazed at the beauty but also a bit dismissive of it’s value as a reading deck. These cards demand that you take your time with them and give them equal respect and effort as any other cards.

The 10 of Wands show a wood dryad holding up a whole world on her back. This is a willing sacrifice of her energy, perhaps she don’t have to do this? Perhaps she could ask for help or just take a break, but she does not cause she has what it takes and this is her choice. This is what she does, what gives her meaning. If we just do the work we are meant to do and do it to our utmost BEST we can then the burden won’t really be a burden, it will still be work but it will give us a sense of accomplishment too.

6 pentaclesIn the 6 of Pentacles I see another way of sharing energy and effort, by what looks like play. A boy is sitting on a structure (perhaps part of the one in the previous card) playing a flute and from it pours out pentacles/life energy onto the barren land and replenish it. Reversed this card reminds me of the recent riots in London where people smashed their own community to pieces. If we instead of destroying the place where we live were to support it, give it of our time and effort (and money by supporting local business) we would grow too. Just like this life force given out in this card will close the circle and support the one giving.

In the end we always get back what we put in. Be it good or bad.

©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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4 of CupsThe first card is the 4 of Cups. A man is sitting on the floor with his back to the wall. He is dressed in a deep blue cloak and a bejeweled and heavy gold necklace. On the floor beside him are 3 different gold cups lined up and a 4:th are being offered to him (floating in the air) He looks at it with distrust and his body pose shows that he will not accept it. The cup is glowing and casting a shadow of the man across the wall. The cups looks empty, more frills then function. It seems almost too shallow to actually contain anything.

I see this card and think that I am not happy with what I got yet not really sure what I want. Cups are emotions and all mine are empty or just not what I want or need right now. Not enough, too much of the same, not right, too cold, too hot. Perhaps what I really need cannot be contained in my heart right now. I need to empty my cup before I refill it with the right stuff… so on to the next card:

6 of Swords6 of Swords shows another kind of empty. A man is sitting in a meditation pose on a platform in his garden, his eyes closed and his back turned to a magnificent sunset over the ocean. In the distance a small ship sails past what could be the outlines of a temple structure. The garden is perfectly tended with blooming cherry trees, a pond and walk-ways. The 6 swords are lined up almost like a barricade against the nature. There is an active emptiness here as the man is quieting his mind to find the stillness within. Another thought that popped up in my head was that of Maya – the world as illusion and how this man is turned away from the beauty of Maya to find the beauty in the silence, in the empty.

One could argue that what is really missing here is Will and Manifestation but then these cards just show us the beginning of the path to that goal. The emptying is a tool to finding your real desire. Quieting the heart and the mind to give room for the silence. And then, in the silence, finding that which will fill us.

Creating space

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I decided to pick two cards for this sunday. One major what where I wanted to be and a minor for how to get there.

Strength Strength as where I want to be. I see a young woman on the savanna. She is sitting on her knees, her hands cradling the head of a lion. Above her the clouds form a lemniscate. Her chest is naked but she is dressed in jewels and gold and wears a beautiful skirt. I see her as someone having power and security both financially and emotionally/spiritually. My key-words here are: Will, co-operation, focus on a higher goal.

I never felt comfortable with my self like that. There is also something so assured about her handling the lion and fitting into her surroundings. She is at home here. This is her place. Another thing that I often struggle with is authority, both to face it and to use it. The strength to let my words, my body take up space, to be direct with what I want and not fall back to being all passive-aggressive. This woman does not sit around feeling sorry for herself.


4 of Wands In the 4 of Staves I see richly decorated pillars in a closed off courtyard. A man is leaning back on a divan, a woman kneeling beside him while gazing into his face. Delicious food is laid out on a table nearby, plates of fruits and jugs of wine. The man is wearing a nemyss so I can assume he is royal and this is his private haven. Two lion headed staffs are symbols of his power but put aside for now.

I have been living more or less out of boxes for 20 years, never settling down long enough or well enough to really make a space my own. My home consists of hand-me-downs from friends and family. I feel that living like this makes me inhibited, closed off, not really comfortable anywhere. I have no authority even alone in my home. I think I need to make my mind up, put down all those boxes, unpack them and claim my own space. I can create sacred space, my own little haven right here! Perhaps having that refuge would make me speak out more, raise my voice and take a place in my own life and not always waiting for the next thing life throws at me.



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OsirisMy first daily card with the Ancestral Path Tarot is the King of Staves which show the King/God Osiris holding his weapons the Crook and the Flail. I used to mistake the Flail as a weapon but it is actually a harvesting tool which makes sense since Osiris is a God of the harvest. Osiris wears a richly decorated head-dress and necklace. By his side are two male lions. I like how he meets my eye, looking straight at me almost like a challenge to face him. Behind him burns a censer.

He is Fire of Fire, a responsible leader of his people and I can imagine just why he was both loved and feared. The interesting thing about all the Osiris myths though is that the active part in them is always his sister/wife Isis. Osiris main task seems to be to get himself killed, dismembered and put together again, all fitting in with the seasonal changes. He is the creative fire, the inspiration, the Lord of Love but oddly passive in a way.

I am glad to see him again though and I had fun digging out my old mythology books. The LWB for this deck is quite horrible to be honest so I am not sure I will use it a lot if at all. I read there is a companion book out there though I have never seen it. I think I will make do with mythology books and praise the Wikipedia 😀

Clearing away the clouds

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Ace of SwordsTodays card, the last for this weekly deck, is the Ace of swords. And it took me this long to really break free from Thoth and see this deck on it’s own merit. This sword is not a carbon copy of Thoth. It is something else, something different. It is still a sword, the same hilt with two crescent moons back to back and the three spheres building a triangle on the hilt. A snake spiraling on the grip too. The gold and silver rayed crown at the top too. But here the sword is crowned at the grip and the tip is piercing the clouds from above. Six Vavs as birds in formation around the blade. This sword is the formating power of the One clearing away clouds.

I don’t know Greek but I wager a guess that the inscription is Thelema.

I like this card for the little Vav birds and the direction it has.

For today I take is as advice to stay focused, don’t let my emotions run amok and that I am guided. The world around me are filled with divine blessings.

It reminds me of the absurdity in this card from Morgan’s Tarot: