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Crystal Visions Tarot

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New deck for the new week and the widget gave me Crystal Visions Tarot. This one I really did buy on a whim when Amazon had it really cheap. It is not my type of deck at all, too sweet and too many princesses with fairy wings and butterflies and unicorns. I am going to be 45 this summer and I left my princesses on a mountaintop with butterfly wings phase behind me when I was 9. So one can say I start off this week on a rather negative note. Almost deemed this deck as being ‘beneath’ me already… So I decided that the whole purpose of doing this deck of the week thing was to actively work with even the most unexpected decks. I have been surprised before.

I did a simple 3 card reading, like a deck-interview spread but with no set positions. First card is The Hermit and it tells me that to get to know this deck I need to make it a priority, let it be the guiding light, if only for a week. Don’t get too mesmerized by the other 110 decks laying around. It’s you and me baby and I’ll stick to you!

The second card is a herd of 8 unicorns symbolizing the 8 of wands. That is a lot of pointy horns coming at me, strong force and a lot of attention is called for here. I am quite hopeless in that I sometimes just can’t be bothered to do my daily cards if the deck is not intriguing enough. I need to apply some elbow-grease and just Do it! And do it fast and intuitively without too much analyzing.

The last card is the 3 of cups with is clearly a party going on. Celebrations come after success though. I also read this as a card of connections being made. AJ posted on the forum a call for us all to engage more in the reading exchange and yeah, I am all for it!

Hasty snails

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True love

Well, they are shells, not snails, but I gotta at least try to be a little clever here. The hasty snails is of course refering to the pip-minors in this deck. For this ‘Will I love you?’ reading I picked 2 shells for outcome and then cringed. Not the best start. But let’s do it from the top.

Tell me about yourself: Magician. Goal oriented first came to mind and this is a deck with a rather one-track mind. It’s all about relationships, all about LUV! ❤ As an old spinster I will have to mold this to fit my own purpose cause I am really not out ‘on the market’ I am quite happy just me and Charlie the cat. The Magician is kinda solo too and he don’t look upset over it.

How do I best work with you: Hermit. Alone, in solitude, withdrawn, weeping in a glass of wine, forever lonely. No but perhaps this tells me to use it independently, closing in on details, seeing the correspondences in the world. Noticing the synchronicity. It’s that little bird in the right corner that the Hermit is listening to that I like the most about this card. And the well, it is a well, right? (now it is) A well with green water and blossoms.

Outcome: Such a vague description too. Outcome of what? For how long? In my journal I (ironically) wrote down ‘I will fall madly and deeply in love with it and it will be just me and True Love forever and ever. Actually this very card told me that this would never be the case cause I hate the frigging pips. Really, they got like 15 minutes to do the minors? Off they go, back into the box with them. I might add the courts though, they are nice.

Oh and click this for a better pic of the nifty spread cloth my mom knitted for me:

A week with Voyager

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It was most reluctantly I put away the Silicon Dawn tarot to pick a new weekly deck. This week it will be the Voyager Tarot. The deck is from 1986 and does feel a little dated on first glance. The cards are very large and got that sticky kind of lamination and broad borders. The guide book I got is falling apart in the back. I had this deck tucked away in the bottom of a large box with other ‘undesirables’ for a few years now. Recently it was brought up on the ATforum though. So when it came up in the random draw this week I decided to give it a go. It’s just a week after all. See here how prejudice I am already against this deck!

When I took it out last night I just went through the cards and sorted it into 2 piles, just at first glance. The + and the – pile. Oddly enough the + pile was more then 3/4 of the deck. I made a little deck interview spread with it. This is the cards I got:

Voyager - Child of Cups1. Tell me about yourself. What kind of deck are you? Child of Cups. This card is jammed packed with kids! Happy kids, sad kids, pensive kids, sleeping kids. It tells me this is a deck for curiously exploring emotions. Kids don’t hold back. They will test you and then give an instant verdict. They are open and spontaneous. They can be mesmerized by the tiniest details yet grasp the mood of any situation quickly.




Voyager - Hanged man2. How can I use Voyager for the best result? The Hanged man. This card was in the – pile. I look at it and feel really unsure. But I guess that is the point. What I get here is that I might simply need to twist and turn the cards around to really see the whole picture. To not let the amount of details overwhelm me. And to not be too much a prisoner of the guide-book.



Voyager - Sage of Worlds3. Outcome of working with Voyager. Sage of Worlds – Master. I doubt I will be a ‘Master’ in this Tarot (yeah, they actually have specific Voyager classes if you are so inclined) but it tells me that I will get what I put in. Question is – how much am I willing to put into it? That remains to be seen over the week to come.

Jolanda den tredjes tarot

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That is the Swedish name for the deck more often called ‘Swedish witch tarot‘ It is created by Rosie Björkman aka Jolanda den Tredje and Swiss/Swedish artist Hans Arnold. I have the book for it (in swedish) and it is a fun read. Rosie Björkman is quite a character. She doesn’t go that much into the details in the artwork but adds a lot of interesting ‘häxbrev’ (witch letters) for all the cards. This deck is now also out in an english edition with very purple borders, I do prefer the more muted gray borders that I have.

I decided to do the modified deck-interview spread:

What way is this deck best used: Bägarprinsessan is Page of Cups. Cheers! It’s time to ‘unclam’ open up to the deep well of emotions. But also let things evolve and take the time that is needed. The princess is grounded as being earth of water and the turtle carry her safely across the ocean.

What is the key lesson Jolanda has for me this week: 7 of Swords with the keyword ‘Tvivel’ (Doubt) I had some when I got this card :-p but just looking at it made me think about phrases like ‘cutting to the chase’ and ‘don’t get it twisted’ and ‘turning your back to the problems’ etc. The snakes and the people turning away from eachother warns agains not facing problems and I take it that my key lesson this week is to stand my own ground, face up to my own flaws and communicate open and honestly. Don’t get it twisted!

Outcome of working closely with Jolanda tarot one week: Ess av Mynt (ace of coins) and the keyword is Födelse = Birth. Ontop of a barren and harsh landscape comes crashing down a treasure! Opportunity hits you in the head and it’s time to grab it and run with it! I do have plans for my future stirring inside… I am thinking of reaching outwards more, connecting to others in my area and perhaps do something tarot-related.

Fishing for treasures

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Found this spread, a more relevant version of the deck interview spread, on one of my blog-friends pages and decided to give it a go. The deck is the 1001 nights. Click the images to see them larger.

What key lesson does this deck have for me this week?
What is this deck best used for?
What will I take away from my time with this deck at the end of the week?


The first card is Queen of Cups, a beautiful lady in her boudoir sprinkling herself with perfume. This to me speaks of luxuary and indulgence but in a ‘pure’ fashion. There is nothing lewd about her, she is simply enjoying the good things in life in a loving manner. This whole deck is lush and lavish and extravagant and is begging to be stored in rich silk with incense.

The second card is the Ace of Cups wich speaks of emotions. The way to use this deck is to let it flood your emotions and to open your heart and memory to things hidden deep inside. Perhaps just one or a few cards at a time, give the images time to talk.

The third card is the 3 of Wands and here we see a man fishing with a spear from his rafter in the sunset. What I take away from using this deck this week is to adapt to it’s language, be resourceful and not give up and to enjoy fishing for treasures.

Deck interview reading

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Sacred roseI decided to do a short deck-interview with the Sacred Rose this morning.

What does the deck have to offer: Knight of Swords.

It seems like this knight is really trying to drive home a message cause I got it just earlier this week too. Air of Air. He is a dark and grim looking rider on a dark and grim looking horse. In his hand a sword point up. His helmet show us a symbol of air, a dark blue orb, just at the crown chakra, the horse has a similar orb over the third eye chakra. They come from a mist but the sky above them is clear and filled with stars. This is a card of mental agility and a strong focus.

I am a bit surprised really to get this card in the offering position. Clarity coming out of the mist. Grim exterior, a cutting edge and demanding of my full attention.

What do I need to learn from the deck: Death.

The figure is shrouded in a purple hooded robe, in his left hand a large scythe. Behind him a sunset and a garden in full bloom with patches of gold where autumn has reached the flowers. Death comes up into the world from a starry black cosmic sliver of night. He makes solar and lunar forces meet in the scythe against the sunset.

There is plenty to harvest here, things have matured and are ripe to the picking. Death is a transition card, a doorway to new events.

I have a whole lot of learning but Death points out that what I thought I knew might be quite a different thing, he casts a new light, opens new doors and might even push me through them.


Outcome of working with the deck: 6 of Cups.

The card is named ‘Pleasure’ and here I see a woman clothed in her blond hair, she is sitting on a wave and holds out a cup with a white rose and below it are 5 more cups with roses and in her right hand an extra bonus rose just in case we don’t get it. The white rose is for purity and the cups hold our wishes and ideals and if they are pure we will be rewarded.

Found this quote I like:

First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.

Napoleon Hill

I guess after organisation and transformation comes adjustment and then a reward.

Images © Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman
Published by US Games 1980

Deck interview Shadowscaped

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What does the deck have to offer?

The Sun. Bright and light and just darn happy. Seeing life as possibilities and not as a serie of obstacles. I also love the armada of bird in this cards. Birds being ideas and thoughts and messages. Messages of hope and happiness. This is the brightest deck I own and good to pick out when I need my spirit to be uplifted.


What do I need to learn?

Ace of Wands. Follow the light! Listen to the inspiration. Let it warm me, take it all in, don’t over analyze but FEEL it.  The foxes in the warm light are both soft yet clever. I don’t have to compromise.



The Empress. Here too the focus is on the light. But also on the ’empty’ I don’t need all the dogma and learning here, just flow with it. Let the mothering of this deck embrace me and comfort me. Yes, it is a deck focused very much on the positive but I need that sometimes when I get all too caught up in my mind.

Deck handing in it’s resume

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I decided to try out a ‘deck interview’ spread today with the Transformational. It goes like this:

1. What does this deck have to offer?

Introspection - HermitI see a man in a cave with a snake around his neck, a lantern held high, a bat over his head and a skull necklace. He is looking out into the open where a polarbear is guarding the entrance to the cave. His candle looks disturbed as if someone is blowing on it. The polar bear is one of my animal guides so it fit right in there! The snake and the bat for me are symbols of the unconscious, the shadow but also of knowledge and silence. The skull necklace is a Memento Mori – He carries it cause he knows in the end death will get us all but for now this is a chance to see beyond our limits. I like one phrase Ando wrote in the book here: Inner Vision Quest. This is on offer here.

2. What do I need to learn?

7 wandsA female fiddler is stepping down from where she was, up in the sky. A hand is offering her a note on which says ‘Resume, Talent, Competition. It’s a challenge! Will she take it? I think she will. I need to learn that I AM up to the challenge too. I need to focus on my creative connection to the Spirit (clouds in the sky) but also stay grounded (she got both feet on the ground, in the here and now) She holds the fiddle in what looks to be a ‘wrong’ way but it is just Her way. This tells me that I need to trust my own feelings and inspiration. I am up to the challenge!

3. Outcome

4 coins Input Overload! This is one messy image. I see a man hugging his knees, his eyes turned away. Skeleton with scythe and all. A pirate, a coffin with jewels, a castle in the sky and a creepy mirror a la ‘The Ring’ I would hug my knees too, and hide in the closet. Right now what I take from this is this: I almost traded this deck away just 2 days ago! I should just hang on to it. A lot of the times this card (4 of coins) tells us we hold on to hard to material stuff, in the end we all die and leave this place naked and with empty hands. But for now – it whispers to me (keep me)