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A week with Voyager

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It was most reluctantly I put away the Silicon Dawn tarot to pick a new weekly deck. This week it will be the Voyager Tarot. The deck is from 1986 and does feel a little dated on first glance. The cards are very large and got that sticky kind of lamination and broad borders. The guide book I got is falling apart in the back. I had this deck tucked away in the bottom of a large box with other ‘undesirables’ for a few years now. Recently it was brought up on the ATforum though. So when it came up in the random draw this week I decided to give it a go. It’s just a week after all. See here how prejudice I am already against this deck!

When I took it out last night I just went through the cards and sorted it into 2 piles, just at first glance. The + and the – pile. Oddly enough the + pile was more then 3/4 of the deck. I made a little deck interview spread with it. This is the cards I got:

Voyager - Child of Cups1. Tell me about yourself. What kind of deck are you? Child of Cups. This card is jammed packed with kids! Happy kids, sad kids, pensive kids, sleeping kids. It tells me this is a deck for curiously exploring emotions. Kids don’t hold back. They will test you and then give an instant verdict. They are open and spontaneous. They can be mesmerized by the tiniest details yet grasp the mood of any situation quickly.




Voyager - Hanged man2. How can I use Voyager for the best result? The Hanged man. This card was in the – pile. I look at it and feel really unsure. But I guess that is the point. What I get here is that I might simply need to twist and turn the cards around to really see the whole picture. To not let the amount of details overwhelm me. And to not be too much a prisoner of the guide-book.



Voyager - Sage of Worlds3. Outcome of working with Voyager. Sage of Worlds – Master. I doubt I will be a ‘Master’ in this Tarot (yeah, they actually have specific Voyager classes if you are so inclined) but it tells me that I will get what I put in. Question is – how much am I willing to put into it? That remains to be seen over the week to come.

Jolanda den tredjes tarot

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That is the Swedish name for the deck more often called ‘Swedish witch tarot‘ It is created by Rosie Björkman aka Jolanda den Tredje and Swiss/Swedish artist Hans Arnold. I have the book for it (in swedish) and it is a fun read. Rosie Björkman is quite a character. She doesn’t go that much into the details in the artwork but adds a lot of interesting ‘häxbrev’ (witch letters) for all the cards. This deck is now also out in an english edition with very purple borders, I do prefer the more muted gray borders that I have.

I decided to do the modified deck-interview spread:

What way is this deck best used: Bägarprinsessan is Page of Cups. Cheers! It’s time to ‘unclam’ open up to the deep well of emotions. But also let things evolve and take the time that is needed. The princess is grounded as being earth of water and the turtle carry her safely across the ocean.

What is the key lesson Jolanda has for me this week: 7 of Swords with the keyword ‘Tvivel’ (Doubt) I had some when I got this card :-p but just looking at it made me think about phrases like ‘cutting to the chase’ and ‘don’t get it twisted’ and ‘turning your back to the problems’ etc. The snakes and the people turning away from eachother warns agains not facing problems and I take it that my key lesson this week is to stand my own ground, face up to my own flaws and communicate open and honestly. Don’t get it twisted!

Outcome of working closely with Jolanda tarot one week: Ess av Mynt (ace of coins) and the keyword is Födelse = Birth. Ontop of a barren and harsh landscape comes crashing down a treasure! Opportunity hits you in the head and it’s time to grab it and run with it! I do have plans for my future stirring inside… I am thinking of reaching outwards more, connecting to others in my area and perhaps do something tarot-related.

Navigators Tarot of the mystic SEA

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This weeks deck is the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA by Julia Turk

Navigators at AT

Studygroup at AT

The artwork is slightly surreal with mostly gender less figures yet it provokes a lot of emotion. The Majors is a bit overloaded with symbolism and quite hard to read with out the book. I did buy the book for this deck just recently though. In general I do prefer the minors and courts over the majors in this deck.







Shadowscapes Tarot

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Shadowscapes Tarot

Created by: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

ISBN-10: 0738715794

ISBN-13: 978-0738715797

This is my new deck for the week. It looks really lovely in nice pastel colours with swirls and bubbles and dowes and hearts. Very girly so rather a contrast to the decks I tend to normally use. The details are rather tiny but I have my trusted enlargement glass close by.

For reviews and discussion on the deck:






Ancestral Path Tarot

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Ancestral Path New deck for the week, always as exciting to see what it will be. I use a random number generator and pick from a spreadsheet with all decks that I want to use (got a few stacked away for future trades that I won’t touch) This week I got an old old favorite, a deck I used a lot about 8-10 years ago. The Ancestral Path Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts. It’s a multi-cultural deck with each minor suit picturing a different culture and epoch.

  • Swords are Japan during feodalism and with a strong female viewpoint.
  • Wands are called Staves and picture the Egyptian Osiris myth.
  • Cups are about the Grail myth in Arthurian Britain.
  • Pentacles are here Sacred Circles and the story is that of the Native Americans.


Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal

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New deck for a week. I picked Liber T and was first really excited and looking forward to work with it. I bought it when it first came out and so far only just looked at it to see that all cards where there. It reminded me a lot of the Dante Tarot. The decks have the same artist: Andrea Serio. A bit minimal but very flowing art.  It is hard to work with this deck and NOT pull out the Thoth and all the Thoth books. So far I did 2 daily cards and just had to go to Thoth and compare and it is detrimental to the Liber T unfortunately. But I will give it a go from tomorrow, just me and the deck, I will lock away Thoth and all books for 5 days, I can do that!

 Ok so here we go. Last night I shuffled it well and my first card was Princess of Swords.  A woman is dancing in the night sky. On her feet ballerina shoes for her agile mind. She wears a medusa headed helmet but it is turned away from us (one cannot face the gaze of the Medusa without being turned to stone) Since the Princess is Earth of Air that has a point. Her flowing blue robe and her pinwheel like wings are transparent like the Air. It looks like she is leaping off a structure (the books says it is an empty altar) where I see a pillar of smoke rising. For me the nightsky and her leaping is symbols of active dream work. She wields a sword, point down as if she is stabbing towards the ground (going to the core)

For me last night she was a herald of dreams returning. I always been a lucid dreamer and I am used to remember my dreams with vivid detail yet these last few weeks I hardly dreamt at all and when I did I woke up with shattered fragments lingering. Now I dreamt of actual dream work.  I was dreaming someone elses dream for them, like cranking up a motor, getting it going. Once I succeeded with one sleeping dreamer I went on my way to the next, very methodically. A bit like this Earth of Air Princess I guess.

So this card tells me two things: That I will dream again and that I need to be more methodical when working with this deck. Also perhaps that I need to disconnect from the ground (those heavy books) and just take the leap.

Transformational tarot

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My deck of the week is the Transformational Tarot by Arnell Ando. I got the first edition with the book and am looking forward to work with this deck again. It’s an old favorite, but also one that is quite challenging. The cards are far from being ‘pretty’ even though there are some that are just stunning. I think that when Ando made this deck it wasn’t for publishing, it was just a highly personal deck, for and by her.