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I am still loving the Tarot of the Holy Light even though I can’t say I understand every detail on every card. It is beautiful and even in the most layered cards I seem to be able to relate to at least parts of them. Last night I draw 2 cards for right now, just asking advice for the next few days really.

The Fool being born from some kind of burning inferno reminds me of my journal scribbles just the other day while watching some TV program about Stephen Hawkings theory about whether God created the Universe or not. He claims that since nothing at all can exist before the Big Bang then no creator had time to make anything cause there was no time. I think it kinda miss the mark. I believe that the Universe and the Big Bang is the creator. The expanding Universe is Divine. The whole process as he described it was like Kabbalah 101. From the Ain soph aur, the no-thing, comes everything… I could go on but I won’t for now.

The LWB got some nifty key-words for the cards. The one (among many) that resonates to me from the Fool is ‘in touch with the Yes’ I love that, gonna keep that one close at heart this week. The Fool is a reply to The Hermit.  Although I have to admit I am working with The Hierophant this week in meditations and sometimes my poor brain confuse the two. While the Hierophant is the ‘shower of the mysteries’ I guess the Fool IS the mystery and the Hermit is providing the light for us to find him in our self’s.

So Not only the hermit that according to the LWB is ‘participating directly in the spiritworld’  But also the Fool jumping out and participating in the rest of the world, in touch with the Yes!

Both me and Charlie had a great week by the way. Since the castration he is a lot calmer and even more cuddly 😀


Kitty Charlie fends off Death.

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I had my kitty Charlie neutered yesterday. In the past I lost a cat in this same situation, even at that same vet.station, 25 years ago. It still hurts. And I was nervous when I loaded Charlie into the cat-carrier. He was pissed off and meowed for the full trip, panting a little with exhaustion in between and must have thought me cruel for not rescuing him, just sitting there. Just before leaving the house I took 1 tarot card. Death. But of course… bloody deck giving me just the thing to feed my fears. I had that death in my mind the whole day. I explained to the vet I was worried and could she please make sure not to give him too much sedatives. After the deed was done and she showed me the wound and told me all went fine and it looked fine I blurted out that no, oh no, it didn’t look good at all, all bloody and smeared and my kitty knocked out cold. I do believe she was a bit taken back by my statement and told me again that Yes! It does look just fine. So I took him home. Put him in his little cot. And waited. And thought about Death. Felt how his little paws were cold, tucked him into a blanket, checked his breathing, waited…

3 hours later he stumbles up, eat a little, fell asleep in the litter box and then slept 2 more hours in the cot and then Death just vanished… and my little kitty started chasing rubberballs and my feet and licked my nose. When I went to bed in the evening, so tired, he wanted to play. Today he is over playing with his best friend.

He is indeed ‘accepting a permanent change’ and dealing just fine with the ‘loss of the known self’ and looking at this card a little bit deeper then yesterday my eyes wander to the many deaths, not just the one being pushed away by the woman, but also the faded ones in the back, the memory or those we lost, and the looming fear we deal with when change comes.


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Opulence is the word on the banner in the card 5 of Wands from ‘The Tarot of the Holy Light’ that I recently received and can’t keep my hands off. Usually we would see some guys fending off other guys with sticks in this card. Not so here. Instead we see the male/solar pillar and the female/lunar pillar merging forces and creating something new, something worthy of 5 stars and a lot of shabang!  In the LWB I read among other words that this is the card for fortunate combinations and that is indeed what I see here. Instead of joustling and quarrels there is a merging of forces to refine a common goal. My other card was again Judgement and my only interesting note on that one was that the angel holds two horns but can only blow in one, is the other one for me? Time to step up and blow my own horn…

Right now I am barely breathing though, got a nagging suspicion that my coughing could be a pneumonia, gonna check it up next week unless I feel better.