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No wedding – no funeral.

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 Oh I feel nothing like her today. I feel more like the seahorses by her side, slightly squished and a little tired. Or the birds fluttering about with no real direction. Well actually, now that I look at her, does she not look a bit like a quite tired and worn-out housewife dressed up in a too large head-dress, just resting a minute before continuing on with the dusting. Yeah that is me today. Her dress is filled with calla lilies – I always see them as wedding flowers, or funeral flowers, and perhaps she is right now not really expecting the first but not yet waiting for the second.

I’ll slink back to my bedroom now. I need a moment. Just dream a bit, not wearing all my emotions out. Just chilling between the dustings with life.

Dancing in headwind or any kind of wind

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Jolanda universumI had to look that word up: Headwind. Such a strange word. But kinda what this post is all about too. The Headwind being an expression for struggling against something that is perceived as an obstacle that perhaps is only in your head. Jolanda says in her book about this deck something like this, that humans are the only living thing on this planet that moves in a headwind. The rest of the universe is dancing with the wind, not against it.

My card for this evening was drawn with a clear statement in my journal: What is my quest for tonight? The answer was Universum/Universe. The world dancer is the Changing Woman, dancing across the universe, her breast lactating milk, creating stars and whole worlds. All the colours are there, just pick one! Or pick them all. She is gently touching the earth and her own body. In the deep waters of Binah – the Mother whales and dolphins do their own dancing. The mission I got was to move, be in my body, feel it, dance it, breath it. A nice walk in the snowy night while meditating and then some hot chocolate milk felt like a treat from the Goddess for sure. Did I have headwind? Just enough to blow my hair out of my face. Dancing to the rhythm of millions of falling snowflakes.

Blue days

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Jolanda SvärddrottningJolanda 2 bägare

The days are getting shorter here. Sun is up at half past 9 and down again just after 1. The snow helps to catch what light there is though. Of course I am thankful I live in an apartment and don’t need to shovel snow myself. It is important to make the most of the light this time of the year. I have suffered from SAD for most of my life. Actually being exposed to light helps. For many years I tried to treat my depressions with SSRI meds with hardly any result at all. As a result I just quit them last year and even though I have my black days they are really no worse them for the majority of people. Perhaps it is just my disposition. Some people are born cheerful and sunny, others more morose. I am simply a blue person and need to deal with it.

My cards for today chimes in on that topic. At first glance I got them as a progression ‘quest’ that I ‘should try’ and move from the relative coldness and loneliness of the first to the cheerier and warmer sharing of the second. But perhaps not… Looking at the two cards side by side I feel drawn to and identify with the Sword Queen and slightly put off by the 2 of Cups. There is nothing to say that I ‘have to’ or even ‘should try to’ conform to the ideal in the 2 of cups here. But it is interesting to me to put the two together, to make them reflect each other.

I did write quite a bit about these cards and my feelings in my paper journal in swedish and for once feel unwilling to translate and share in english but still wanted to show the cards and some general ideas.

Snow and Sphinxes

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First some more snow photos

For my daily cards I decided to try out a spread found on 78 mirrors blog.

What seeds are being planted: 10 Livshjulet = Wheel of Fortune. Something is stirring, pulling, shifting, turning… New starts, life expanding in new directions. The Sphinx is the riddle, the snakes the warning not to get it twisted, the monkey the playfulness. I here also so the importance of being present in the here/now sphere. Pay attention to the wheel of the year.

What I need to untangle: 7 Bägare – Fantasi (7 cups – imagination or as Jolanda calls it – in magic nation) I first thought of the twilight life as a warning, but I see it now after some contemplation more as an urging on to take my own magic nation imagination to the next level, to use it to untangle my limitations. The Sphinx here seems a lot more approachable with her open book. This is also a very direct notice to myself to start journal my dreams again, to take them more seriously. Since I got a kitty that wakes me up early I use that as an excuse for letting the dreams fade while letting him out in the mornings.

What I need to nurture: Stavprinsen – Knight of wands. My first impression here was that I shouldn’t really blog about this. A very strong message of ‘Dream Dare and keep silent’ So I will.

Jolanda den tredjes tarot

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That is the Swedish name for the deck more often called ‘Swedish witch tarot‘ It is created by Rosie Björkman aka Jolanda den Tredje and Swiss/Swedish artist Hans Arnold. I have the book for it (in swedish) and it is a fun read. Rosie Björkman is quite a character. She doesn’t go that much into the details in the artwork but adds a lot of interesting ‘häxbrev’ (witch letters) for all the cards. This deck is now also out in an english edition with very purple borders, I do prefer the more muted gray borders that I have.

I decided to do the modified deck-interview spread:

What way is this deck best used: Bägarprinsessan is Page of Cups. Cheers! It’s time to ‘unclam’ open up to the deep well of emotions. But also let things evolve and take the time that is needed. The princess is grounded as being earth of water and the turtle carry her safely across the ocean.

What is the key lesson Jolanda has for me this week: 7 of Swords with the keyword ‘Tvivel’ (Doubt) I had some when I got this card :-p but just looking at it made me think about phrases like ‘cutting to the chase’ and ‘don’t get it twisted’ and ‘turning your back to the problems’ etc. The snakes and the people turning away from eachother warns agains not facing problems and I take it that my key lesson this week is to stand my own ground, face up to my own flaws and communicate open and honestly. Don’t get it twisted!

Outcome of working closely with Jolanda tarot one week: Ess av Mynt (ace of coins) and the keyword is Födelse = Birth. Ontop of a barren and harsh landscape comes crashing down a treasure! Opportunity hits you in the head and it’s time to grab it and run with it! I do have plans for my future stirring inside… I am thinking of reaching outwards more, connecting to others in my area and perhaps do something tarot-related.