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I am not really feeling in the mood for tarot at all right now. I did pick out some of my fave Langustl cards though so might as well post that.

But really, I woke up today and just didn’t feel like even pulling one card. Logged in to Facebook and almost got annoyed over how everyone posted like a trillion posts only about tarot. So I am taking a little tarot-vacation for the week. Just doing other stuff, like creating new routines. (exercising and such horrors) And enjoying the garden of course:




Langustl Tarot

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This is one of my last buys. It is a self-produced deck with paintings in bold shapes and clear and vivid colours. The creator Stephan Lange also has a Lenormand in the works that I can’t wait to buy. The cards are large but what looks ‘simple’ in design is actually quite packed with symbolism. It sticks close to the RWS system but is far from a clone. I think the deck is sold out right now, I was lucky to get one of the last 😀

Todays card is 9 Swords. A figure is hiding her face in her hands, trapped behind 6 swords and with another 3 hanging over her head.

Our thought can trap us in fear and negative self-doubt, so much that it paralyzes us to move away from real danger. Well this is the more common interpretation if the card.

Sword = thoughts in Yesod the world of dreams can turn into a nitemare. But it is also an opportunity for some real learning if we can move past the initial discomfort.

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