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Mid-week switch

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I had planned to go with the Olympus tarot for this week but it is such a dull deck. I love the myths from old Greece but not the art of the deck. So I switched to Mary-El for now. I needed something with a little bit of passion. The card I pulled was Page of Wands. Marie says in her book it is Joan of Arc we see here and tells the story on how she refused the weapons of any lord but God and found her sword behind an altar. This girl is on fire! (and of course I got that song stuck in my head all day)

Today I feel filled with energy! I been busy all day and still got energy to write in my journal, cook food, bake a little, re-arranging my books, planning food menu for the week, visiting moms, folding laundry, dusting, dishes etc etc…


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‘The Queens contain, protect, and provide a safe place where things can grow and flourish.’  If we see them in this way the Queen of Wands creates and environment of Spirit (growth, change). The Queen of Swords – of mind, The Queen of cups – of heart and the Queen of Disks of the physical environment.

At first glance the one that really sticks out for me is the Queen of Swords. Her face is in the environment, her eye is the raven, her lips the branches. It speaks to me of something fragmented where you have to connect the dots to see the whole. I see it as snapping up knowledge here and there and from the pieces create a whole, a way to interpret the world. I am blessed (and a bit cursed) by having a Queen of Sword mother and I myself is a kind of Queen of Swords, but perhaps not so sharp, more yielding, dreaming. But I was always encouraged from as long as I can remember to think for myself, to listen to others but believe only half of what I heard, to carefully examine what I saw and then draw my own conclusions, to speak of my findings clearly.

I love all the queens here but for different reasons. The Queen of Disks who’s tears crystallize into diamonds. We grow strong in her garden, but slowly, just like diamonds.

The Queen of Wands like a Venus cradling a Jaguar and with a sliver of obsidian in her head (for a weapon but also for a mirror so we can see our selves reflected back) She is the Shapeshifter, the changing Mother who makes our spirits grow.

The Queen of Cups, the holy Grail, a woman as a cup of overflowing Love. The crab with the pearls (made from years of irritation, a mollusk and some Mother of Pearl) Strangely enough I see her as the most Selfish Queen despite the flowing, she just looks to me so very cool, self-contained. She is more of that dream image – the Queen to be, then the creator of an environment I could ever thrive in.

Photos and Mary-El and a lot of Empresses.

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This is gonna be pretty image-heavy since I been lazy in updating and do it all at once. First image is of what the mailman brought me this morning! It is Promethea by Alan Moore, a journey through the Tree of Life in the comic form. If I like it, I will get the rest of them. There is also the brand-spanking new Tarot Playbook by Lynda Cowles which looks AMAZING so much photos and fun stuff! (plus I made an awesome bananacake for my coffee) Just checked out the game for the Empress card and it is about writing a love-letter to your deck 😀

Last night I sat me down and went through all the cards in the Mary-El to pick out my favorites. It was hard. The first batch was around 55 cards. Then I narrowed it down progressively until I had about 7 and here they are!

The Tower is one of my faves in any deck, like the liberty statue struck by lightning, will she collapse or will she stand firm? She will be seared and perhaps scared and even charred. The Knight of Wands I love cause he is showing us the scar and the power for the flash in the Tower. The 5 of Disks show us his heart – the earth. The 5 of swords, Athena with her owls, The Charior an inuit and her sled-dogs and the Empress (more on her later) gathering the apples in her dress. 3 of Disks an inuit family swept in warm fur or hair, like organs in the same body.

I could pick almost any card. I also notice that if I pulled a card as daily card, it does leave an imprint on me. I could easily use this deck for a year.

I also pulled out a whole lot of Empress cards to do a post on my fave card. It was fun! I found some unexpected ones.

There was this theme in them of the Motherhood, but there is also the Empress as the ‘Other’ the different then yet relating to the Emperor. The warrior Bride. Klimt is one of those.

One very odd Empress is from Circle of Life. It is a Lo Scarabeo deck so it is to be expected, most of their stuff is pretty outside-the-box.


She looks like a wild woman seeing her reflection for the first time. The image makes me think of how I am for good and bad a distorted reflection of my mother but also how the reflection is not the Truth. We are so much more then what can be seen in a mirror – or the mirror of someone else.


So here are my 2 favorite Empresses:  Cosmic Tribe and Mary-El. (I tend to always favorite the current deck, I just can’t help it) The Cosmic Tribe was a bit unexpected. I always said my fave was from the Gill tarot – the green woman/mountain. But this convey the same idea in a more down-to-earth way. I can’t really see myself in that image of a Mountain Goddess – but I can see myself here.

The thing I love most about the Mary-El is that she is NOT the fat fertility Goddess, she is a providing mother, taking her baby on her back and goes to work at feeding her family.

Thanks to Jenny for reminding me about the Cosmic Tribe, it is a real treasure I often forget about cause I just stick it on a shoebox inside a cupboard. It will come out and play more this summer for sure.

Right now I am pulling out the Queens from Mary-El but more on that later. I guess I just feel like exploring the feminine side this week 😀


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Today is Mothers Day in Sweden. I got mom a white orchid that she wanted. And she had us over for dinner, chicken wings and corn on the cob, sallad and then coffee and cake. Was a lovely day, very warm and sunny. I planted some dill and pulled The Hermit from the Mary-El Tarot. This is a stunning Hermit, like a japanese painting. He is from the ocean, formed by the ocean. He is off water and exuding water and carrying fire in his lantern. I quite like what Marie writes about him: ‘The Hermit is not alone because he is secluded; he is alone because he is ALL there is. The lamp is the sun stolen from the gods…’

Today I am reminded of how accepting my family is of my quirks and my rather tiresome character, they see through my flaws into the heart of me and accept me as I am and don’t mind terribly if I have temper tantrums or just prefer to be by myself. They give me space and that makes me feel closer to them.


Trail Blazing

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Trail blazing is one of the keywords Marie White use for the 5 of Wands in the Mary-El Tarot that I picked to use for this coming week. First of all, thanks for the support and hugs. Yesterday was a bad day but today I suddenly felt so full of Life! So when I pulled this soaring fierce lion it put a smile on my face and made me feel energetic and happy to be here and now and alive.

I love the almost goofy look on the face of this lion too, like he is enjoying the ride, yet not in full control of it. He is thrown out there!

I have been busy too. Cleaned my apartment, wiped the floors, dusted the carpets, made lunch, helped build a shelf for my potted plants on the balcony, peeled 1 kilo of shrimps, chatted to family and friends, dressed nicely after my shower and put on some perfume and went shopping for coffee and bananas. Just plain ordinary magical things. The gasoline of living.

Tonight me and my brother will watch the Eurovision Song Contest on the TV and eat shrimp and egg sandwiches with dollops of mayo.

A little bit of Mary-El

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I been lacking in the blogging department but for good reasons, sometimes one just gotta step to the side and get other kinds of experiences, like just living, socializing, reading and live in the seconds of a forever Now! I have been looking at the Mary-El a lot though, but not actively reading with it or even journaling  much. And as you all see – blogging even less. Some of the cards I pulled this week though is of course The Tower (been deep into the world of Stephen King and Roland and his ka-tet traversing the Beam of the Bear to the Dark Tower) But also this chap (yes a Dark tower reference, right now Susannah/Mia is searching for the Dixie Pig where she is to have her chap) The Knight of Swords. I am a huge fan of owls and even though this one got spooky yellow and crazy eyes it works for me. Marie White did a very simple chart for the courts with just a few words. For the Knight of Swords she writes just ‘on a quest for Mind’

What is this Mind though? Sometimes it is hard to separate this elusive Mind from the heart. In general the reason why so many swords are negative is that they deal with worry, anticipated emotions, heart-stuff not yet in the heart/body. Swords are like arrows, they point in a direction, they are sharp with potential for great harm, but also they are not there yet. This Knight is on a Quest, not yet there. Like Rolands Ka-tet is spending at least 6 books just in the anticipation of getting there. But like any reader and author worth her salt, we all know that the Path is really the story, this is where we Live.

Oh and Charlie is as ever the watchful guardian of the tarot: