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Some die young

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The above in the title of a pretty great song by Laleh, but also todays sad lesson. I learnt that a friend I used to play a game with just died, in her sleep, age 33. Rest in Peace Marianne, you will be missed. She was one of the most stunning girls I ever seen yet never flaunted it, she loved herself, but unlike Narcissus here she wasn’t in love with her own image.

Back to the image at hand. The intent gaze of Narcissus into that cup, it is like he is trying to see what is under the surface. My first thought was that it looked like he was scrying. Perhaps there is a lesson in that too, that too much introvert soul-searching, star gazing, astrology, divination etc can rob us of that precious human touch. There are days I wish I had someone ‘read’ the lines of my body, the curve of my hips, measured the depth of my bellybutton instead.

This is World Tarot Day yet I feel like it can just be. I wish tomorrow to be a World Hug Day cause by gods I need one.

Closing this with a more hopeful image from my tiny balcony



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Another day another card. The Hanged Man from Mythic Tarot. Sitting on my balcony, enjoying the warm sun and a cup of coffee while thinking about Prometheus, the titan that stole some of the fire from the hearth of Hephistos and gave to man. As punishment Zeus ordered him chained to a rock and a bird picked at his liver each day. The story in the book also mentions a flood and the building of an ark. The flood lasting 9 days, as long as Odin was hung in the tree to gain the runes. Interesting to see all the myths coming together in slightly different ways over many cultures and ages.

I am Swedish so my heart is close to the Norse myths, but I love the Greek myths too. I grew up with relatives in a christian cult so I am also aware of those myths. I learnt to read with 1001 nights and the fables of Aesophus (unsure of the spelling here since the name is different in English and Swedish)

ps, totally unrelated but a funny coincident – first of June I am going on the premiere of the movie Prometehus

Mythic Tarot

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I recently won this set on ebay. It is out of print so I was happy to find it. The Mythic Tarot made in 1986.  Click the image to see it larger. There is also a new mythic out there but by a different artist and not really what I want at all. Right now I am reading through the book from cover to cover to refresh my greek mythology. I used to know all these stories but forgot a lot.

There is a site for this deck here. Mythic Tarot
I pulled this card as my first card from the deck today. Pan first made me think of the word the greek prefix pan meaning involving everyone and everything. we may stick him in a cave but he is all encompassing which means impossible to escape. Just as panic is such an overwhelming feeling, one we cannot choke down but is ruled by.

I like a lot of the points made about Pan in the book, that his grip on people are not by force but by either fear or lust. He touches on the parts of us that we are feeling ashamed of but that in reality is just natural. Not good or evil, just IS. We can try to hide it, or poke it or flaunt it or ignore it but it is Pan – everywhere.