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When you know what to do but don’t do it

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We are in mid-march and the days are getting longer. My question to the cards today was how to get more energy and light into my stuffy old life. The Aum tarot gave me The Tower. Yeah, thanks.

I have been meditating on the paths on the Tree of Life this week and this just happens to be the one I am on right now. Netzach to Hod. Emotional overflowing into mental structure. The breaking down on the structures here in this image is also a release of the spirit, the white dove flying into the red sun. I don’t think I ever seen such a jumble of crashing buildings as in this Tower card. Nothing is safe except upwards.


The Shustah cards gave me yet again the Red Fence. This is the third time I get this card. I am obviously missing the point. Or getting it yet not acting on it. Of course I know what needs to be done to bring energy and light into my life, the problem is to actually get down and do it. The Black pages are all astrological – not my forte. The Leo however even I know is a solar card, it stands for just what I am asking for, confidence, strength and energy. The last card is called Destiny and stands for intuition and already knowing the answer. Then that blasted red fence… That is the whole problem, feeling disconnected, locked in, not partaking in Life. It has to come down.

Shustah and Aum

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This week I am trying out two new decks. The Aum tarot I got just this week, it is made by Dr. Kristin Jonell Parikh and has a kind of Thoth-ish flavour. The Majors don’t look like anything I ever seen, full of little details, while the minors seem rather hastily put together. But while I am only pulling one card from Aum per day I am also trying to learn the Pages of Shustah, a set of cards + book made by Ann Manser and Cecil North back in the 1970:ies. The cards are all colour-coded in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Black while some suits have only slight variations on some of the images, some are totally different. For example does all suits but the black have a Lord, a horse, angel and page. The black suit seems to be astrological. Some of the symbols feel like Lenormand, for example the whip, mice, fish etc. It will be fun to try something so different.

Todays Aum card was the King of Cups. He wears a panache helmet and a cape in blue and is flying up in the air on the back of his horse. He is in full control, charging off towards the cup in the upper right corner. On the left pillar is a crab for his sign and in the lower right is a peacock. My first impression is that he is flaunting and prancing, showing off a little but at the same time sincere and secure in himself. Interesting how the dark and bright pillar brings to mind the High Priestess who is usually seated between them. I need to study the book a bit more to see what it says.


Todays Shustah cards were: Yellow Hazel tree showing both bud, flower and seed, like an explosion of fertility and light. It takes up the whole card, we only see a small part of the full tree yet it is almost overwhelming. It makes me long for hot summer days with golden sunshine and the scent of grass. But that summer is still just a promise, there are months still between me and june. The next card is the Red Fence. Closing in separating, compartmentalization, dividing things into smaller chunks I can handle. It’s not all bad, sometimes boundaries is just what I need. The final card is the Blue Swamp, a card of not being overwhelmed! Of making sure to not be too hasty, look where I put my feet. The book says to test the waters before commit.

All in all to keep a cool head and be sure on my next step yet keeping that passion alive and that the way of doing that is to take babysteps, not biting off more then I can chew.I also see that 2 cards are outdoors and only the in-doors one is constricting me. Perhaps time to lap up some sun even though it is just March. If I sit in the sun and close my eyes I can pretend it is june…