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Weekend with a few Kings

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I have been tardy in posting here but I taken some time out to get to know a new deck, the Dame Fortune’s Wheel by Paul Huson. The Majors are based on the TdM but not a clone in any way, For example is the Magician not out alone in the desert but rather performing his tricks to an audience.

The Minors are based on Etteilla. Now I always been interested in getting an Etteilla deck and learn more about them as I am a total novice. I do think it is refreshing with a deck that is not a RWS or a Thoth clone. It plays it’s own kind of music. The courts except for the Knights are named but are not meant to be seen as the actual historical persons but as their mythical selves.

My first card from saturday was King of Batons – Caesar. The thing I noticed right away was the bundle of wands tied with the axe. The same symbol is on the Sheridan-Douglas card. It makes me think of something very strong but also something very rigid, a tool that is really not practical any longer. What outdated tools do I cling on to? Is my way of using the Tarot one of them? Perhaps it is time to loosen up a little.

My next card was another King – King of Swords that is pictured as David. He looks so stern and then by his feet is the harp. A very double image. The man in full armor and sword pointing up brings to mind David as a King of Justice and the harp brings to mind the young boy soothing others with his calm music. Perhaps it just goes to show that in order to be righteous and just we must not forget to have a heart and to show tenderness and mercy.

Friday the 13:th

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Backlogged again. I am somehow reluctant to update when I don’t have pictures ready, I should step away from that demand on myself.

I received the Silicon Dawn Tarot this week and spent an evening looking through the cards and reading the book. I like the deck, the book was a little wordy at some places but a decent companion. I look forward to use the deck as weekly deck sometime soon. I have been enamored by the Rosetta though. My daily cards seem to grow out to whole landscapes and I even lost the urge to go back to Thoth for ‘verification’. Todays card was the Queen of cups and I connected to her here, something I didn’t do with the Thoth Queen.

A dream: Roadtrip in the old Toyota with my father driving and my mom in the backseat (which has never happened ever) We were driving a long time but never got very far, the car stopped by the ocean and we went to a restaurant/bathing house and I ordered cake. Sweet delicious cakes with jam and powdered sugar. It was snowing outside and my hair was wet from the steam (sauna) I couldn’t find the car and was afraid like a little girl again that they left me.

For reasons unknown the dream is titled Box of Roses in my journal

Through my lens

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RosettaInspired by a spread made by Marcus Katz that he posted on Facebook. He used the settings of an operation, but my brain (mis-)interpreted it as a
camera. So I took it like that and ran with it. 3 cards: The photographer – The lens – The motif.
First really get into the energy of the Photographer. I didn’t pick a court, she just came to me and it works best with courts cause their
personality is what gives this position its power. The energy of the Queen of Disks is nurturing yet conservating. She is not one to lavish on
luxury. She creates oasis of love in an otherwise sterile setting. She is emotionally grounded and quite sceptic. She is not about to spend her
buck on some self-proclaimed guru selling her the latest fad.
My lens is how I focus this energy and the Priestess here is to me a real ‘Aha’ card. I been reading this amazing book by Kala Trobe ‘The magical
Qabalah’ and in it she describes how to actually move between the sephira on the Tree of Life and that is what I see when I do pathwork. With an
extreme internal focus she is passing inside a tube of swirling water, her arms slightly raised to set the speed.
The 6 of Swords is ‘Science’ and is both a goal, a tool and sometimes a stumbling block cause in itself it is a mere wall to true Knowledge and
Experience. Those symbols can both be a block and a language for the initiated one.
I got a lot more on this in my journal but it is just personal notes in swedish that I am sure no one else can really be bothered with and I am too tired to try and translate them into meaningful english.

The next step

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(early morning 7:th of january 2012)
This Aeon card must be my favorite one ever. It is Nuit/Nut bending backwards, arching her back to create for us all the stars. Hadit is the
collar on the Phoenix that is representing Horus. Very Thelemic it is but even with no background in Thelema you can still just enjoy the image
and the symbols.
The Princess of Cups is standing on crystals formed from the water cause she is Earth of Water and is making ‘real’ such a fluid and emotional
element. Graceful and beautiful she is connecting to the animals around her.
The 6 of Disks shows us bees gathering honey in a honey comb. Hard work gives sweet rewards.6 bees are tending to the closed in queen bee.

So beautiful cards but such a sad day. This evening my cousins oldest daughter passed away after a long and very painful battle with cancer. She
was 27. With this in my head I see not so much the honey in the last card as I see the immobile queen bee being tended and fed by the workers.
The Aeon gives me hope though, that somehow she is on a much bigger journey now, on a new phase.

1/1 2012

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Crows Eye View Spread from TarotLovers Calender

Instead of just giving all spread details I post it here just so you can see some of the cards in this amazing tarot deck and just generally chat
a little about what I expect from the next month. First interesting thing is that my Year card for 2012 – Art, came up in the first spread I did
in the new year. It is also in the ‘future’ position. My card for last year was Death, despite that I had a rather good year. But nothing really
happend, it was slow change, I settled in at my new apartment, got a cat, all was very gestating, sprouting in the dark, dreaming, about to
happen but not quite there. A bit locked in, like the vault of 4 Disks. It’s there, just barred away.
Art is a lot about adjustments too, of finding the middle pillar, but I see it also as activly DOING the work, not just thinking about doing it –
later. The 8 cups at the very top does warn me of my very ‘lazy’ nature though. I need to really make use of the central energies here which are
the nervous energy and cuirosity of the Princess of Swords and Art itself. There is nothing lazy and timid in those cards so I hope this month
will end my constant procrastination.


The deck I use right now is the Rosetta Tarot by M.M. Meleen. It is a Thoth influenced deck, vivid colours and a real treat. I feel in love with it instantly.