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Deck switch!

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The Sacred Rose did grow on me and just today I made a reading (5 card but I won’t share it here) that was really interesting. Even though I complained a bit about not feeling inspired by it, once I sat down with card and journal things just kinda flowed. I am still not convinced I will use this deck as a main reading deck though. There are so many others out there, pretty little things, raw and intense decks, mysterious and tempting that the risk is that the little gem of Sacred Rose will be showed back on the shelf until next weekly spin next year. There is a certain straight-forwardness about it that I do appreciate though. Not a lot of frills on it, just really strong colour and just a few symbols on each card.

So for next week I will be using the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot by Karen and Alex at Magic Realist Press.

Link to a review is here: At Aeclectic Tarot and there is also a Study Group although not very active (I might try and add some to it too though)

I remember buying this deck just as I moved apartment so I had it in it’s box in the kitchen for almost a year and just read one card draws on the run from it early mornings. It was a really happy time though so I am looking forward to trying out some ‘real’ readings with it for the next 7 days.

Images are copyright Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov 2005-9. All rights reserved.

Giving and receiving

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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
William Arthur Ward

It’s not so easy for me to ask for help but I am getting better at it. Also I am accepting now, not waving my arms about and say ‘oh no you shouldn’t, that is too much, I can’t possibly accept this…’  It was never even pride. Anyway today when I really needed some help and reached out and asked for it it felt ok. I didn’t feel like a burden, it was just a bag of groceries but it made a huge difference. And I noticed how happy my mom was to be able to help me.

Todays court card (yeah I see a trend here, courts almost every day lately which is perhaps a sign of my coming out of my shell a little and actually interacting more with the world) was the Knight of Cups. It’s all blue, green and yellow blending together. The Knight is kneeling it said in the book, which I never noticed cause I am a short girl so that is about as high I reach on a horse while standing up personally. He is holding out a cup foaming with water. In his other hand a white rose of purity. His horse is eating another rose and looks with a rather questioning glance at his owner (like my cat when he steals food from my plate) And there are crescent moons everywhere! In the sky, on the horse, on his armor and on his brow.

I dunno, those where the details that poked me today, the moons, the horse eating the rose, the gift of a foaming cup… This knight is my mom ❤

Worry and Wonderful

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It felt right to pull 2 cards today. The first being 5 of Pentacles and the second The Sun. Such a mix of worry and wonderful. What strikes me here is how different the 5 of Pentacles is, it doesn’t even look all that worrisome, more like a man performing some kind of ritual, perhaps even a blessing, over the golden rose. He seems to be utterly unaware of the 5 pentacles behind him. He is focusing only on the rose. Golden rose, the precious, object of desire. Next card, The Sun, is just pure joy! Childish beaming giggles and enormous umbrella sized flowers. The child is looking at his cosmic double (only the colour of the roses in the hair is different)

Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.

Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)


Putting the lid on it

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This mornings card was Queen of Cups and even if I don’t do reversals for now I just new she showed me her shadow face today. My first thought when looking at her were ‘How am I supported emotionally’ and that question in itself is a problem, cause I know I need to do that for myself first. So it should be ‘How am I supporting my own emotions’?

The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You don’t blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the President. You realize that you control your own destiny.
Albert Ellis

This queen is sitting on her throne of waves with waterfalls behind her. She holds the white rose of purity in one hand and in the other a cup with the lid on. All that water/emotions around her yet she closed her cup. Is she afraid to let things in or out from there? The moon crescent on her head tells me she is a dreamer and she while she is fully immersed emotionally she is not connected to the world around her in any other sense. She sure makes me ponder things here. How I cut myself off from life in so many ways and how I too can close off and put a lid on. She feels unbalanced, perhaps even hormonal, like me, on the verge of going through changes but only just. Not quite there yet.

Fire in the hole!

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I draw this card early this morning, jotted down half a page in my journal but wasn’t inspired enough to put it in the blog. Until now. It is funny how things work out. Anyway, here are my notes:

9 of Wands. A strong man in a circle of 8 wands holds the 9:th and it emits a forcefield strong enough to obscure his face. It is night sky with fire in the distance. It looks crowded, his space is very constricted. But he has the strength to harness the power of the fire. He is prepared.

Oh well, nothing exciting here… and then I sat down to watch TV and smelled smoke. I opened my front door and a cloud of white smoke came up from the basement. I hurried down to see where from and if I should call the 112 number. In the tiny heater room I find my landlady in a mighty cloud of smoke, I only see her body and hear her voice, her head lost in the mist. I ask her if everything is ok and she assures me she got it under control.

Fricking hilarious it was, after the first scare subsided. Now she is a tiny little thai lady but today she was master of the fire in that tight space.

Deck interview reading

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Sacred roseI decided to do a short deck-interview with the Sacred Rose this morning.

What does the deck have to offer: Knight of Swords.

It seems like this knight is really trying to drive home a message cause I got it just earlier this week too. Air of Air. He is a dark and grim looking rider on a dark and grim looking horse. In his hand a sword point up. His helmet show us a symbol of air, a dark blue orb, just at the crown chakra, the horse has a similar orb over the third eye chakra. They come from a mist but the sky above them is clear and filled with stars. This is a card of mental agility and a strong focus.

I am a bit surprised really to get this card in the offering position. Clarity coming out of the mist. Grim exterior, a cutting edge and demanding of my full attention.

What do I need to learn from the deck: Death.

The figure is shrouded in a purple hooded robe, in his left hand a large scythe. Behind him a sunset and a garden in full bloom with patches of gold where autumn has reached the flowers. Death comes up into the world from a starry black cosmic sliver of night. He makes solar and lunar forces meet in the scythe against the sunset.

There is plenty to harvest here, things have matured and are ripe to the picking. Death is a transition card, a doorway to new events.

I have a whole lot of learning but Death points out that what I thought I knew might be quite a different thing, he casts a new light, opens new doors and might even push me through them.


Outcome of working with the deck: 6 of Cups.

The card is named ‘Pleasure’ and here I see a woman clothed in her blond hair, she is sitting on a wave and holds out a cup with a white rose and below it are 5 more cups with roses and in her right hand an extra bonus rose just in case we don’t get it. The white rose is for purity and the cups hold our wishes and ideals and if they are pure we will be rewarded.

Found this quote I like:

First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.

Napoleon Hill

I guess after organisation and transformation comes adjustment and then a reward.

Images © Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman
Published by US Games 1980

Sacred Rose Tarot

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Hermit Sacred RoseThis week I will be using the Sacred Rose Tarot created by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman in 1980. It was one of the first decks I saw when I started out with tarot but I didn’t buy it until just a few years back. All those years I still had it on my mind though cause those images stay with you. I got a book too it but unfortunately not the book Sherman wrote herself on her deck but instead one by Steven Culbert called ‘Reveal the Secrets of the Sacred Rose Tarot’ and from what I read so far the LWB is actually better than that one.

Here are a few links to reviews and interviews and studygroups for the Sacred Rose Tarot:

Some pictures and reviews over at AT

Study group at the Tarot Forum

Bonny Cehovet interview with Johanna Sherman

James Ricklef interview with Johanna Sherman

Images © Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman
Published by US Games 1980