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I’ve been busy renovating at home, everything here is coated in a layer of plaster dust so I let the camera rest. The card I wanted to write a little about is the Chariot from Sacred Sites. It is pictured in a photo a bit down the side by the way. It shows a man sitting at the back of a wagon, looking in the direction he came from. Here he is at his goal though. Compostela di Santiago. They call this pilgrimage ‘The way of St James’ and according to wikipedia it is quite popular with as many as over 200.000 people going there in one year.

These days pilgrimages are such an odd concept for most of us though. Where would we go? Being pagan I guess I could go to one of the many pagan sites, like Glastonbury, Ale stenar, Boleskin… I actually used to live very close to Uppsala högar. I used to go there and just walk around the old hills and enjoy the nature. But I wouldn’t call that a pilgrimage. For me that term is for a spiritual journey where the path is as important as the goal. A journey where you are changed when you arrive.

Ok, I am off to paint some walls now. And perhaps dream of traveling to Crete, I so wanna see Knossos one day 😀

2 cards Sacred Sites

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Two cards for the weekend. I didn’t formulate any question really, just wanted to see how they bounced off each other and what they would stir up. The first is The Hanged Man and it shows the Christ Redeemed statue. This original is in Brasil, but my mind goes right to Lisbon, Portugal where a copy is places, smaller, not as grand, but overlooking Tejo. I could see it clearly from one of my fave spots, down by the river Tejo at the Praca Commercial. In many ways Lisbon was where I came to be me, to the full potential. I was open and brave and smiling and full of love and adventure.

The second card is one that I usually connect to just that feeling but here it is slightly twisted, just a bit ‘off kilter’. Ace of Wands show us Moses on Mount Sinia receiving the 10 commandments from God almighty in a burning bush. I guess those commandments really did come from a place of love but a more rigid one, a jealous love, from a stern Father. This is the kind of spirituality I stepped away from, finally, in my 20:ies. I left a cult and rebelled in a hundred ways.

So my bouncing off pair for these cards are sitting on a post-it on my desk now and looks a bit like this:

Open arms – Burning bush
Hugs – Ouch
New – Old testament
Love – Dogma and rules
Sacrifice – Divine inspiration

But there is a lot more to it really. I am not even christian anymore but have read the bible a few times. In my own spiritual practice I quiet enjoy a little bit of ritual and structure. Perhaps there is more of ol’ Moses in me then I first thought.

A site a day

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Or almost. During this week I haven’t worked as much with Sacred Sites Tarot as I wished. Here are a few of the cards I pulled though. What strikes me is how this deck is not just about places but about events and how history touched and embellished on these sites.

The Saint Patrick’s well, is the name of several wells. When browsing the web I found references to a St Patrick’s well in Italy too and the photos of the site in Ireland bears no resemblance to the well on this card. But the well as a portal to the underworld is still interesting. I know just how myths come alive in connection to sites like these. Where I grew up, in a tiny mining town, the old mining shafts were full of mystic and stories of ghosts were whispered among us kids. They later built a fancy hotel room in one of the mines but you could not pay me enough gold to sleep in there.

The 3 of swords here is one of my fave cards in the whole deck. First because there is no stabbed heart in sight, secondly cause the Tunguska event is such a great image of just the terror and confusion that this card can bring about. The Bermuda triangle of the 7 of swords is excellent too cause it really is all about the hype is it not? The uncertainty and rumours.

Two of Swords here could be any number of buddist gardens. This site is almost like an internal sacred site, we can create this harmony.

The Tower is of course Krakatoa. In 1883 the whole volcano exploded, killing thousands, and the bang could be heard a long way. This reminds me of another exploding volcano that I studied about Thera. According to Plato it was here Atlantis was. We do know that the eruption at Thera was at least in part responsible of the destruction of the Minoan era. today people are touristing and sunbathing on the volcanic ashes on Santorini.

Lastly, The Star, is the great ziggurat in Ur. Built to honor the God Nanna. It has been rebuilt many times, in sections, so it is hard to tell just how it might have looked. But there is something eternal about it. This grand design of the Ur-era has been bombed, shot at, taken apart and reassembled and yet here it is. A bit ironic that the star card show a temple dedicated to a moon god. But I like it anyway, the whole site seems very strange, a bit aloof.

Sacred Sites

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This week I pulled out the Sacred Sites tarot. The artist is another Penco then the one who did the Dark Grimoire. The art here is lighter and brighter. The cards have no titles just numbers and symbols and the LWB don’t give you the standard meaning of the card but instead a short description of the place.  The sacred sites are taken from all over the world. I didn’t find any Scandinavian sites though.

The only way for me to connect to the cards will be to read up on the places. So it is in a way a more intellectual deck then an intuitive. That don’t mean it is bad though, I quite like it.

Interestingly both my first cards were of mountains. The first 1 of cups is Mount Fuji and what looks like a dainty tea-party taking place in it’s shadow. The other Croagh Patrick where we see the saint himself walking barefoot up the mountain.

Both are places worthy of Pilgrimages. But very different tempers. If you gonna climb the mountain you might as well bring good company and plenty of tea if you ask me 😀