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Rainbows as prayers

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10 rainbows Santa FeTodays card was the 10 of Rainbows/wands and here in the Santa Fe deck Rainbows are prayersticks. A figure is walking across the mountains, back bent under his heavy burden. The road is long and the burden heavy but it is not all in vain. 10’s are the end of the suit and the fulfillment of the element, in this case fire.

I think of how prayers can make burdens lighter, just by saying out aloud that I am in need of help I open up for the possibility to actually receive help in whatever form it takes. For some it is hard to ask for help, and hard to receive it too. One rather let ones need be like a small piece of gravel in the shoe. That won’t really work if you have far to go though.

Also want to acknowledge that today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. I hope we as humans will never forget.

Sack of seeds

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B'Ganaskiddy Santa FeToday I got The Chariot – B’Ganaskiddy and had to make a little research. He is also called the Humpback God or the Talking God. In his hump is seeds. In his hands a whistle and a medicine bag. He is related to Kokopelli.

Usually The Chariot is for me more about the Vehicle then the driver but here they are the same. He got far to go, he misses the wind in his back, he is protected. The link above wrote a little about how men were sent far away to find a bride to avoid inbreeding (the sowing of seed in new fertile ground) and how the Kokopellis flute is a sign of peaceful intentions. I am not sure yet how this card will play out in this weeks story but I leave off with a little bit of flute.

Father Sky

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Father Sky Santa FeTodays card, the next in our little story is The Emperor Father Sky. In most of my dreams it is the Goddess of Heaven, Nuit, that fills my sky with stars but here it is a male god and the goddess is instead one of Earth. Either way works I guess. Mother is what we can touch and what nourishes us, Father is more of a Myth, we see only glimpses of him and hear the stories. Yet at night we can look up and imagine ourselves cradled in his starry embrace, follow the moons path across the sky. He is always there but not always as comforting warm. He is raging thunder, strong winds, torrents of rain and clear air. In him is sun moon and stars. Here he wears horns and a warrior mask. His square head is that of Mothers though.  He is the card that threw me off track when I was trying to figure out the pattern in this deck.

I am reminded by the void my own father left, not even a single star did he leave behind. He calls me on the phone sometimes every few years, full of crocodile tears. I have a hard time trusting but I still love him, a little, like a few grains of sand left in a pocket…

Foxy Lady

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Corn-Cloud Woman Santa FeThe High Priestess is here called Corn-Cloud Woman and I think the story about her must be fascinating but alas, I don’t got the book. By the Little White Book she is guarded by butterflies that also show off her beauty, and in her hands is a medicine bag and a weasel bag but I be darned if that is not actually a fox she is holding. Foxes like weasels are both cunning and quick though. The feathers on her head is also for ‘far-reaching thought’ I like that!

She is a clever lady this one, I like that the fox gives her a more ‘street-smart’ air then just the commonly spiritual high and all that. I feel her. Her dress in 3 parts are like arrows pointing up, the feathers and the butterflies also seem to indicate something more ‘airy’ and spiritual. She clearly needs that fox to keep her wits about her.

I was close to giving up on this deck until I bought the book at least but decided to stick it out, just a few more days. There are stories here! Maybe I don’t know the Navajo stories, but there are still stories…  I am thinking I am gonna pull a card a day and then see later in the week what kind of story it is… Right now, we got a sassy wise foxy lady with tricks in her bag and a pure connection to the Spirit. It’s a good heroine to start us off.

Catching Lady Luck is like holding on to a fistful of sand

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Santa Fe
This week my deck is the Santa Fe tarot created by sisters Holly Huber and Tracy LeCocq. It feels very alien to me, but in a serene way. Colour blocks and simple basic colors. Every card is actually brimming with details but since I don’t speak this symbolic language I feel like I am like a child, just grasping at the small shards of what I CAN see. There is a book to the deck that I will try to get hold of later. Right now, it is just me, the cards and wikipedia!

Santa FeMy first three cards were King of Water – Wheel of Fortune – Page of Water Just using my old tarot knowledge here I see this story as a grown up responsible person (king) trying to catch the uncatchable (fortune) cause he is missing some important quality, a childlike curiosity perhaps (page)

I think all cultures have a special god/goddess for luck. Greeks called her Tyche, Romans called her Fortuna. Like Justice she was rarely worshiped as a Persona, more as a concept. Rituals to invoke her benevolence or ward of her disapproval is the basis for a lot of superstition. I quite like this Wheel of Fortune. 8 Yeis (spirits) connected at the root are chasing a lightning but none of them can reach it, it just whirls on and on cause you can never truly catch Lady Luck. Just as a grown up can never truly be that pure and naive child again.

Santa FeI just read on Wikipedia about the Whirling Rainbow that is on the Wheel of Fortune card that it is on almost all Navajo sand paintings, protecting the central image from all directions but the East, cause nothing bad ever comes from East. Considering how the Europeans all landed on the eastern coast of America sure makes you stop and think a little…

There are also some little black dots with wings up in the corners of the courts that I wonder about, they look like bats!