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Inspired by Tarot Bonkers!  I decided to see if I could find my own favorite cards from my collection of decks. First card out – The Fool, is not really a favorite card at all. I never could connect much to it, see myself in this specific card. Of course we are all foolish! But The Fool seems to me to be so much more then that. Some intermingled sense of being child-like, innocent and curious, daring, but also driven, to have a passion. In life I been all those things, but hardly ever all at once.

In order the Fools I posted here are from: Tarot of the Spirit, Transformational and Fourniers TdM. I wanted to include the Fournier Fool mainly cause it was my first one 😀 This is my very first tarot deck bought in late 1980:ies and this was the first card I saw as I unwrapped the deck. It is the Essential Fool for me. Notice that we can’t really tell where he is walking, and neither can he of course. But we don’t see the abyss here, just a bum in a bumpy road. See, I could relate to this card back then, cause I was just like that, a bum on a bumpy road, no idea what I was gonna do, had no home, no money, no family or friends near-by. I was a student waiting in line to get a dorm-room in a new city. I spent my days reading thick novels and drinking cheap coffee. Crashing in sofas, getting drunk a lot, sleeping around. Somehow I got my shit together, got a dormroom, made tons of friends, did excellent in all my exams and so on. But I do remember being quite happy at my bum-phase too. I was happy being that fool. And I was happy finding this fool in that pack of cards.

The Fool to the left is from Tarot of the Spirit and I love it for the stepping out into the abyss/astral. This is my Dream Fool with a dainty purse too! Red rose for passion on the forward leaping foot, white rose for purity of purpose in the hand. I guess this is The Fool I aspire to become. The Dagaz Fool, standing between night and day. This is me Fooling around in the Astral in my dreams.

The Fool in the middle is the pretty little Fool. It is from Arnell Ando’s Transformational Tarot. I think really the cool thing about it that I love is the bubbles (that and the forest that looks like ferns or sea-weed makes me think of this as a little deep-ocean diver) and the female-headed owl.

Summing it all up

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I ended up not posting all my daily draws with the Transformational Tarot, simply cause they felt too personal for the internet. I am glad I picked out and actually worked some more with this deck. Just a few days before I had almost traded it away. While it is not the prettiest deck I have, and it is somewhat worn and not so shiny anymore, this week reminded me WHY I so very very much wanted this deck a few years ago, and how happy I was when a friend gave it to me. It’s a keeper for sure and as I tuck it away in it’s wooden box I am pretty sure it will be more used later on.

Now I really want to get a hold of Arnell Ando’s Hero’s Journey tarot also. And the Storytellers Tarot and The Lucky Pack Tarot.

Shutting the noise out

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3 wandsThis is actually yesterdays card. The message was loud and clear so I took a computer free day and oh what sweet silence! I pulled 3 of Wands out the first thing when I woke up (at 5am thanks to a kitten purring in my ear and licking my face) I see a woman sitting in her fruit orchard reading a book. The fruit is ripe for the picking and her face looks content. She is now preparing a different kind of harvest, a harvest of ideas and creativity.

I have been feeling on the edge and quite annoyed a few days and needed to shut out the constant humming of a million voices online to just listen to my own, sharpening my own intuition against a few selected books.

One thing that became clear to me was that when I am alone I am the most ‘Me’ I can be. I don’t have to try so hard to shine or be witty or even legible.

Ladies and Gentlemen – We are now floating in space

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WorldThis World Dancer is pretty and hippy and soaring high. She is dancing up in the stars with the Moon, the Earth and comets and doves. Her eyes closed and arms reaching up, as in extacy. Her bare chest shows the Ankh. Her lower body covered in earthy brown skirt where we see this (quoted from the book) ‘Her womb is the great void where chaos is brought into form’  She is dancing the universal consciousness.

I love this card just for that trippy feeling of letting go en enjoying the journey up to this point while still being about throwing yourself into the whole creative process again. My literal step for today inspired by The World is to put on some music, strut my stuff around the house, sing loudly and cutting up stuff to make a soul card.

Scars from a War

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Queen of SwordsTodays card jumped out at me and I just put the rest of the deck away. The Queen of swords was also one that came up in a reading made for me on the forums just yesterday so I know she had a point to make. I see a beautiful woman sitting on a hard bench, decorated finely yes, but it kinda made me think of a bus stop of train station, a place where you stay just a while. She is wearing black and navy and there are medals on her dress like she is a hero back from a war but soon getting right back in the fray. I also see her naked torso, half protected, half showing. In her lap a dragon and she is holding a bloody knife. The dragon is bloody too, like she just cut it. This makes me think of the cutting away of lies since the dragon is a beast from Myth.

I carry my scars as medals from a war. Every one on my body is a victory. I did not die that day. I don’t flaunt them as medals, but they are there and if you are sincere you will see them. For years I cut away pain from my own body but now I cut it out of my life. If I feel hurt I say so to the person who hurt me. I feel more honest to myself since thinking of Queen as Swords as someone I need to be.

Deck handing in it’s resume

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I decided to try out a ‘deck interview’ spread today with the Transformational. It goes like this:

1. What does this deck have to offer?

Introspection - HermitI see a man in a cave with a snake around his neck, a lantern held high, a bat over his head and a skull necklace. He is looking out into the open where a polarbear is guarding the entrance to the cave. His candle looks disturbed as if someone is blowing on it. The polar bear is one of my animal guides so it fit right in there! The snake and the bat for me are symbols of the unconscious, the shadow but also of knowledge and silence. The skull necklace is a Memento Mori – He carries it cause he knows in the end death will get us all but for now this is a chance to see beyond our limits. I like one phrase Ando wrote in the book here: Inner Vision Quest. This is on offer here.

2. What do I need to learn?

7 wandsA female fiddler is stepping down from where she was, up in the sky. A hand is offering her a note on which says ‘Resume, Talent, Competition. It’s a challenge! Will she take it? I think she will. I need to learn that I AM up to the challenge too. I need to focus on my creative connection to the Spirit (clouds in the sky) but also stay grounded (she got both feet on the ground, in the here and now) She holds the fiddle in what looks to be a ‘wrong’ way but it is just Her way. This tells me that I need to trust my own feelings and inspiration. I am up to the challenge!

3. Outcome

4 coins Input Overload! This is one messy image. I see a man hugging his knees, his eyes turned away. Skeleton with scythe and all. A pirate, a coffin with jewels, a castle in the sky and a creepy mirror a la ‘The Ring’ I would hug my knees too, and hide in the closet. Right now what I take from this is this: I almost traded this deck away just 2 days ago! I should just hang on to it. A lot of the times this card (4 of coins) tells us we hold on to hard to material stuff, in the end we all die and leave this place naked and with empty hands. But for now – it whispers to me (keep me)

Father figures

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The EmperorThis was my card for today. He does not give me much on first glance. Hiding behind a tree, shielding his nudity with leaves. He is looking almost shy, his face and body tender for an Emperor. He is Adam in the Garden just about to fall from grace. There is a green snake winding it’s way around the tree into the previous card, The Empress, his Eve.  I usually see this card as someone in charge, taking responsibility, acting as a guardian and father figure. I don’t see that so much here.

The tree has a male torso, like a reflection of Adam, just as Adam was created to be an image of God. It makes me think about how we are shaped after those who lead us. Who is My Emperor? What kind of leader do I want? Who was my father figure? This could get personal fast. But let me start by saying that my real father was like this Adam, hiding and soft. And the man who raised me was in some ways his opposite, he could be hard, found it difficult to show tenderness but in the end he was there, he stood up for me and took responsibility.

Message for today: I actually just came home from my dads, we had a cup of coffee, read the papers and laughed. The man who raised me warmed up with age, he got my respect and I love him. I am glad I took the time out today to share that moment with him.