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Caring for the babies

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I often dream of the struggle of caring for babies, more often then not I fail miserably and the babies are dying. It’s awful, but even in the midst of the dream I know this is a dream and that the babies are not really dead. Today I choose to nurture my ‘babies’, all these babies are my creative dreams.

I pulled Princess of Wings as my card. She looks like half-fairy and half-angel here. Her eyes are looking at the shadow/dream and she holds something in the hand. It doesn’t really matter what it is, she got the tools she needs. This is actually one of the only cards where the book has something to say that resonates for me: ‘As you come to appreciate your original ideas more, you may begin to put them into action’ I am still not convinced that something as fluttery and soft as wings are the right for what is the sharpest suit in the deck.

Instead of posting the image of the card I decided to post the result of me choosing my day:

First is my pimped journal, just a few cut up stickers. Next to them is the oracle deck I got in the mail called Working with the four elements.

Next I went to my mothers house with the camera to take a photo of Trulls the kitten. I used to be good with photos then somehow I just put it away. I think it is time to pick up the camera more often, I had fun.