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Friday the 13:th

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Backlogged again. I am somehow reluctant to update when I don’t have pictures ready, I should step away from that demand on myself.

I received the Silicon Dawn Tarot this week and spent an evening looking through the cards and reading the book. I like the deck, the book was a little wordy at some places but a decent companion. I look forward to use the deck as weekly deck sometime soon. I have been enamored by the Rosetta though. My daily cards seem to grow out to whole landscapes and I even lost the urge to go back to Thoth for ‘verification’. Todays card was the Queen of cups and I connected to her here, something I didn’t do with the Thoth Queen.

A dream: Roadtrip in the old Toyota with my father driving and my mom in the backseat (which has never happened ever) We were driving a long time but never got very far, the car stopped by the ocean and we went to a restaurant/bathing house and I ordered cake. Sweet delicious cakes with jam and powdered sugar. It was snowing outside and my hair was wet from the steam (sauna) I couldn’t find the car and was afraid like a little girl again that they left me.

For reasons unknown the dream is titled Box of Roses in my journal

No wedding – no funeral.

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 Oh I feel nothing like her today. I feel more like the seahorses by her side, slightly squished and a little tired. Or the birds fluttering about with no real direction. Well actually, now that I look at her, does she not look a bit like a quite tired and worn-out housewife dressed up in a too large head-dress, just resting a minute before continuing on with the dusting. Yeah that is me today. Her dress is filled with calla lilies – I always see them as wedding flowers, or funeral flowers, and perhaps she is right now not really expecting the first but not yet waiting for the second.

I’ll slink back to my bedroom now. I need a moment. Just dream a bit, not wearing all my emotions out. Just chilling between the dustings with life.

Fishing for treasures

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Found this spread, a more relevant version of the deck interview spread, on one of my blog-friends pages and decided to give it a go. The deck is the 1001 nights. Click the images to see them larger.

What key lesson does this deck have for me this week?
What is this deck best used for?
What will I take away from my time with this deck at the end of the week?


The first card is Queen of Cups, a beautiful lady in her boudoir sprinkling herself with perfume. This to me speaks of luxuary and indulgence but in a ‘pure’ fashion. There is nothing lewd about her, she is simply enjoying the good things in life in a loving manner. This whole deck is lush and lavish and extravagant and is begging to be stored in rich silk with incense.

The second card is the Ace of Cups wich speaks of emotions. The way to use this deck is to let it flood your emotions and to open your heart and memory to things hidden deep inside. Perhaps just one or a few cards at a time, give the images time to talk.

The third card is the 3 of Wands and here we see a man fishing with a spear from his rafter in the sunset. What I take away from using this deck this week is to adapt to it’s language, be resourceful and not give up and to enjoy fishing for treasures.

Putting the lid on it

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This mornings card was Queen of Cups and even if I don’t do reversals for now I just new she showed me her shadow face today. My first thought when looking at her were ‘How am I supported emotionally’ and that question in itself is a problem, cause I know I need to do that for myself first. So it should be ‘How am I supporting my own emotions’?

The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You don’t blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the President. You realize that you control your own destiny.
Albert Ellis

This queen is sitting on her throne of waves with waterfalls behind her. She holds the white rose of purity in one hand and in the other a cup with the lid on. All that water/emotions around her yet she closed her cup. Is she afraid to let things in or out from there? The moon crescent on her head tells me she is a dreamer and she while she is fully immersed emotionally she is not connected to the world around her in any other sense. She sure makes me ponder things here. How I cut myself off from life in so many ways and how I too can close off and put a lid on. She feels unbalanced, perhaps even hormonal, like me, on the verge of going through changes but only just. Not quite there yet.