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Nuit of the oceans

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Voyager Queen of CupsToday after waking up and writing down my dream, before even pulling a card, I watched a sad sad clip from an online news paper of a whaleshark caught in a net. Seeing that amazing creature, dark skinned with stars across its body, like a Nuit of the oceans, made me weep a little. I went to national geographic website and found some more info and images of this largest fish on the planet (that we know of, there might be even more deep down the depths that we have not seen yet)

The card I pulled a few hours later was the Woman of Cups and it felt very right. She is connecting to the world with all her senses in this card, her emotions run deep. I had a talk with one of my neighbors today. The man next door has been gone a week or so partly due to the cold apartment but also cause he just been diagnosed with a new tumor in his brain. A month ago my cousin lost his daughter, just 27 years old. Friends online too are struggling with cancer. It all makes me so utterly sad and scared. My mom is a survivor, she had a radical mastectomy  a few years ago and is still very frail. I wish I could be more then I am, more of a support, a better daughter and friend.


Blue days

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Jolanda SvärddrottningJolanda 2 bägare

The days are getting shorter here. Sun is up at half past 9 and down again just after 1. The snow helps to catch what light there is though. Of course I am thankful I live in an apartment and don’t need to shovel snow myself. It is important to make the most of the light this time of the year. I have suffered from SAD for most of my life. Actually being exposed to light helps. For many years I tried to treat my depressions with SSRI meds with hardly any result at all. As a result I just quit them last year and even though I have my black days they are really no worse them for the majority of people. Perhaps it is just my disposition. Some people are born cheerful and sunny, others more morose. I am simply a blue person and need to deal with it.

My cards for today chimes in on that topic. At first glance I got them as a progression ‘quest’ that I ‘should try’ and move from the relative coldness and loneliness of the first to the cheerier and warmer sharing of the second. But perhaps not… Looking at the two cards side by side I feel drawn to and identify with the Sword Queen and slightly put off by the 2 of Cups. There is nothing to say that I ‘have to’ or even ‘should try to’ conform to the ideal in the 2 of cups here. But it is interesting to me to put the two together, to make them reflect each other.

I did write quite a bit about these cards and my feelings in my paper journal in swedish and for once feel unwilling to translate and share in english but still wanted to show the cards and some general ideas.

A few too many heads

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queen of swordsCard for Sunday was yet another sword court card. This time the Queen of Swords.  She is Water of Air and as such one of the most emotional Sword cards. If I knew more about astrology I would be happy as a lark here. Unfortunately I am a bit clueless, think that Libra is one of the signs here though. (note to self – learn more astrology)

What I see: In my journal I first wrote that she was sitting on the surface of an ocean but I see now that it is clouds. What looked like big moving jellyfish are just cumulus clouds. The Queen is seated and in her left hand is a severed head that is glowing green and looks kinda droopy, in her right is the sword with it’s tip pointing down again (as with the Princess). It is clear though that the down pointed sword does not prevent her from using it. Behind her is a jagged star like structure from which I see a child’s head (a cherub?) peeking out.

One thing I notice is that we here have 3 heads but just one whole person. Is the cherub her HGA directing her moves? The book of Thoth mentions that she is a liberator (libra) of Minds. One can only speculate of her reasons for cutting off heads like that. But there is a peacefulness on the face of the bearded man.

Today this card reminds me that even what we perceive as cutting words/actions can actually be said from a place of compassion and what is best for us. Cutting someone off can be liberating (think intervention) since it will give us a new direction for our mind. Look a bit further then the desire to be cuddled and loved by everyone. Perhaps the criticism that stings so bad can be that kick in the butt to make us change and be the best we can be.