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About to burst

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Dodal 10 swordsTodays draw from the Dodal TdM was interesting. I had 9 Swords the other day and now I get the 10 and they do have totally different moods to them. On my post-it note I jotted down this: Tightly pinned down, pressure and movement like a gear or even like the Wheel of Fortune. Tucked in and laced through, poking holes, about to burst open in an explosion of sharp edges. The right straight sword already broken, the left one partly escaping the lattice.

And then after an hour: The flowers just buds, sharp and pointy like thorns. I am thinking stress-headache, commitments  you can’t keep much longer. Appointments you rush to and fear to miss, elevators getting stuck between floors. Your wedding dress a size too small. A tray of champagne flutes dropped on the floor. Obligations you just cannot fulfill. Stretching too thin, afraid to crack open like a raw egg.

Do I have to repeat how much I love this deck?

As usual the Pages of Shustah will be posted later. I somehow see the Dodal as my morning deck and the Shustah as my evening deck now.