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Aw just how cute is this card? Knave of chalices/page of cups is a little bookish chinchilla enjoying the lilies in her garden. For me this is a card of being open and taking pleasure in the now. As a kid my mom never told me to get my nose out of my books and go play outside. She let me sit and read if that is what I wanted to. She also never got me dumbed-down books, I learnt to read at age 4 or so from 1001 nights and Aesops fables. That is what she had at home. I got my own library card at age 6. Reading makes me happy, always did. That doesn’t mean I am stuck inside all the time. My best moments is in the garden with a cup of tea and a book and taking pauses just looking around me and be glad.

Today at my walk I noticed the trees turning yellow. I love the autumn but dread the winter, actually, I dread the winter more now then while I am living in it. So today I am trying to find everything about winter that I look forward to instead.

I love the clear starry sky and the aurora borealis making pretty waves. I love wintery food, hearty casserols and soups, spiced wine and juicy oranges. I love lighting candles and a fire in the fireplace and even got a new red rug I can lie on infront of it. I love the silence of winter, the way the snow muffles all sounds. I love the scarf I knitted and that I can wear when the cold rolls in. I like walking on the ice and imagine walking all the way across the botnian bay to finland… (not that I ever would lol) I love sitting indoors safe and warm with a storm howling outside and knowing I can sit here all day and night. Those are a few things I love about winter.

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As we fall further and further into autumn my ‘nesting’ tendencies increase. I gather around me pillows and throws and tea-mugs and candle and slippers and cardigans and cats and books. I am also less and less inclined to socialize. When I have to deal with other people I find myself going defensive.

Todays card reminds me of that pose. Back to the wall, ready to lash out, even in a seemingly harmless situation. I just want to be left alone. I feel tired to the bone of fake smiles and having to give one back. Just let me sit here and enjoy my own company. People make me tired. It takes so much of my energy trying to ‘read’ them and the situation.

I woke up last night and couldn’t breathe. Had to cough to the point of almost choking. A bad taste in my mouth, as if I were a smoker again. It has been over 11 years since my last smoke, but it could be passive smoking. This just adds to my animosity right now. I am overly sensitive, I know.

Ok enough whining. Here are some bad lit photos of my hallway. It don’t get any natural light so I didn’t even try to brighten it up by painting it white, it would just still be murky, so I went the other direction. It is now dark gray with a hint of coppar as a shine. The small table is an old nightstand I painted white and put some of the wall-paper on the top. The old hat-rack is gone and replaced with just a few coat-hangers.

That huge door leads to the livingroom and will go as soon as someone strong enough to lift it comes by


Cave dwellers

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I’ve been busy these last few days. My hallway is not renovated though, it looks great. Dark gray walls and one wall, facing you as you enter wallpapered in a beautiful wall-paper with shimmery butterflies on a gray background. Coat hangers up and I fixed a small table to unload mail and keys and stuff on.

The Animal Lords have seen a little bit of action though, no longer spreads, but a card here and there. I am still feeling a resistance to even sit down and give these cards their due time though. These animals just don’t look like lords at all, but rather sad and/or blank.  Last night I pulled out this pair. The animals in 7 of swords are according to the LWB snakes. These are actually quite expressive, although not very snake-like, they are taking shelter in this cave a bit off from everyone else to connive and make plans involving daggers. And right behind them, in comes the Hermit just looking for solitude and some darkness to explore. The Hermit is a black bear though so should be able to fend for himself. I also don’t think he really has any interest in what the snakes are plotting. He is following his own light and not gossip of others.

Snow on the savannah

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There is not much here that reminds me of the RWS 5 of pentacles except the snow. The LWB writes ‘Continuous commitment, wealth, serenity’ as keywords. What I do get when I look at this though is a sense of stability that holds you up even in harsher times. A little snow ain’t gonna change things forever. I see it as a minor setback, a period where your ability to adjust will be tested. The elephant in the background is like a fortress, something familiar, safe, un-moving.


Animal Lords

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I am awaiting several new decks but the only one that came this week was a miss-printed Tarot of the secret forest that will be replaced soon. So for next week I turned to the Random Generator again. Picking from my shrinking list of decks I own but have not used in years or ever it picked out number 2 – Tarot of the Animal Lords. It’s a Lo Scarabeo deck (I think a large portion of my collection is) the artist is Angelo Giannini. My copy even has all the cards in order so I think I might not even have shuffled it before.

The deck reminds me a lot about my childhood, reading Aesop’s Fables. I did however not jump for joy when I pulled this one out, but it is only a week, and perhaps I will love it. My resistance to animals in human cloths will just have to ease off for 7 days.