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Todays card do reflect my mood. A socialite is trying to keep up appearance while it rains in her cocktail, in the other frame we see her in a tank with a life-support system, and somewhere in the depths a squid goes down and down and down…

I was talking to my brother last night about how hard it was for me to stay ‘in time’ right now and how I just drifted away and kept getting things twisted up. My brother with a diagnose of Aspbergers is convinced I have that too, but I refuse to get some piece of paper to define my life. He asked me to roll my thumbs, then to change direction with just one thumb. Impossible and utterly useless if you ask me. Why on earth would someone even want to do that anyway? I don’t know about Aspbergers, but today I definitely feel squid like and in need of a life-support system.